Leo Sun Aquarius Rising | Leo Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

Leos with Aquarius ascendant have a lot of self-assertion and always keep an eye on their individual freedom. But Leos with Aquarius ascendant are nevertheless influenced by their environment every now and then, this seems to be to be contrary to the strong Leo sun. It is actually very hard to follow the Leo sun with Aquarius man or woman as they have an inclination to suddenly change their minds on a topic. What they just fought for to the finish will be quickly most unimportant for people born in this constellation. Those who live close to the Leo sun with Aquarius rising will therefore find these sudden changes of mind rather difficult and even their partners are faced with huge challenges by them. But learn more about their characteristics now.

People who love to assert themselves

The Leo sun is generally perceived as a person who truly has his/her own character and voices his opinion quite loudly. People who are born as a Leo sun with Aquarius ascendant, however, are really great in asserting their point of view, which can be traced back to Aquarius forcefulness that further enhances the dominating traits of the Leo sun. Both, men and women of the Leo sun with Aquarius ascendant are individuals who urgently need personal freedom in thoughts and life as a whole. People with this astrological combination have, however, another part in their characters, a sensitive, emotional part, longing for their environments' acknowledgment and praise. This inner insecurity can create situations where these people feel imbalanced and have to struggle in order to regain their inner tranquility. They should therefore become more independent of what others may think of them and put their trust in themselves and that nothing really counts but what they feel they are.

Opposed ways of life

People who are born as Leos with Aquarius ascendant act like the Leo sun usually acts and assert themselves like typical Aquarius people. In most situations, they thus manage to keep their individuality and furthermore to avoid or even ignore all regular standards. It may happen, however, that the Leo sun with Aquarius ascendant overtaxes with all these extraordinary and unconventional ideas and thoughts to a certain degree but far more often surprise others who are not able to follow Leo's opinions and their numerous changes of mind. But this does not seem to be problematical for the Leo sun with Aquarius rising, because they tend to change their minds suddenly and then hold this view as rigorously as the former point. Generally, these people exclusively live according to their own views and almost never accept others points of view, voicing their ideas vehemently and loudly. People born in this astrological combination occasionally turn out to be unteachable when problems occur. Therefore, their social behavior sometimes appears to be inappropriate. For the Leo sun with Aquarius ascendant life can take a contradictory drive. On the one hand they stand in for personal intellectual freedom and on the other hand they feel that their authority is very important. In general, people who are born in this astrological constellation seem to be settled characters, but deep inside they long to start something new constantly, as permanent agents of change. So, the Leo sun with Aquarius ascendant is always prepared to campaign for social change and fight against social hardships and injustice.