Leo Sun Aries Rising | Leo Ascendant Aries: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Aries: Characteristics and Appearance

In the combination of the Leo sun with an Aries ascendant a perfect mix of characteristics created. Persons who are born in astrological combination like this usually lead a life that is full of success and luck as they always remain true to their own special vision and are full of overwhelming energy and beans. But on the other hand, Leo individuals with Aries ascendant can be utterly stubborn and too convinced from their own personalities that they may lose some friends with this behavior. The overall impact of the Aries ascendant on the Leo sun is a very positive as Aries helps Leo the Lion to recognize their true friends and to avoid falling for superficial flattery. Leo people are unfortunately very prone to fall for such superficial flattery because of their vanity but with the clear sighted Aries man or woman at their side they don't have to fear any bad surprise. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Concentrated energy

Leo individuals with Aries ascendant are full of energy as they unite Leos fearlessness and Aries' vigor. This results in characters that are bundles of energy, brimming with vigor and a thirst for action. Both men and women of the Leo sun with Aries ascendant can be hardly lead astray and they always want to decide where to go or what to do. People who come out of this fiery combination of zodiac signs are very convinced of themselves and they believe that they basically know everything better. They are nevertheless easy to handle as long as everything develops according to their own plans. But as soon as they meet with any opposition Leo individuals with Aries ascendant will quickly become despots. Although this is not necessary for the people born as Leo sun with Aries ascendant because they surely have a natural authority but as overreacting comes natural to the Leo sun, this will continuously alienate others. A strong character like the Leo sun with Aries ascendant has merits and downsides like everybody else but it would help a lot if these people learn how to control their dominant behavior.

Fate is kind

In general, fate is kind to the Leo sun with Aries ascendant as this sign receives a good hand in the game of life. The Leo sun greatly benefits from the Aries ascendant in many situations. It gets easier,thus, for the Leo not to fall for flattery that are false and to judge friend from foe. Leos cherish being in the center of attention as they need to be praised and acknowledged. This, however, isn’t the key to be successful. Perseverance and determination are essential to get along in life and this is exactly what the Leo sun receives from the cradle by the Aries ascendant. This is why this connection of astrological signs is called perfectly balanced. Leo people with Aries rising therefore will surely find happiness and make their way.