Leo Sun Virgo Rising | Leo Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics and Appearance

Leos with Virgo rising feel torn in their minds as the qualities of this signs attribute don't harmonize well and thus may lead to ambivalent emotions. Thus the Leo with Virgo ascendant is quite often classified as a troublesome comrade because dealing with them can be rather annoying. Nobody will get more upset by such an evaluation than Leo man or woman with Virgo rising himself but they nevertheless feel like convincing others of their qualities, due to the fact that they are too consumed by himself. But learn more about their characteristics now.

The importance of the economic status

Only in very rare occasions things seem to go well for people born as Leo sun with Virgo ascendant. This can be traced back to Leos natural pride and his courage which collide strongly with Virgos cautious and hesitant behavior. Concededly, the connection between the courageous will and intelligence surely has its charm, it may thus happen that people born in Leo with Virgo ascendant are felt to be not expressively sociable which gives the Leo part really something to “gnaw” on at times, because he really likes being adored and admired by others. Leo people with Virgo ascendant cherish a high standard of living. Wealth is in their eyes something they deserve which will be usually right, because once this sign is committed to an employer they will go all-out and be hard to replace. They feel the importance of earning money by doing a honest job. They would therefore never speculate with money and generally only put their trust in value for money investments. Idly people are avoided by this sign because this type would be too alien to them.

Too busy with himself

People born in Leo with Virgo ascendant can't be exactly called easygoing individuals. Regardless of their gender, this signs representatives often suffer from inner conflicts caused by the contradicting character traits of both signs which will cause them ongoing trouble. This can be traced back to Leos broad-minded view which collides with Virgos petty attention to detail, thus they often reach their limits. Some Leo man or woman with Virgo rising are therefore not forceful enough, others may compensate their inner dichotomy by imposing their interests more or less by force. Their personal environment is thus constantly faced with difficulties, which makes them preferring to distance themselves .
Incredibly consumed by themselves, however, Leos with Virgo rising by no means feel obliged to regain their friends.