Leo Sun Libra Rising | Leo Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Leo sun with Libra ascendant can be characterized by their amazing self-consciousness and their determination. Both the Leo sun and the Libra rising harmonize quite well, thus amending each other in this astrological constellation expediently and in a favorable manner. Leos man or woman with Libra ascendants have a lot of friends and cherish being in the center of attention. Much emphasis is attached to a successful professional and social position as well as on a more sophisticated standard. They would do nearly everything to achieve these aims for especially when it comes to their standard of living, the Leo sun with Libra rising will stop at nothing, thus being perfectly aware that delight and luxury have their costs. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Not in the mood to confess

Quite often, other people interpret the unshakeable self-consciousness as well as the need to satisfy their materialism and the strive for recognition so apparent in the Leo sun with Libra ascendant as arrogant and ego-centered behavior. Actually, Leos with Libra ascendant are inclined to be too focused on their own benefits. In addition, these people tend to display openly and provocatively all that they have achieved in life so far, which is not well received by others. This, surely, has a negative effect on the Leo sun with Libra ascendant themselves and may sometimes fill this sign with bitterness. One of Leos with Libra ascendants character flaws is their inability to confess because they rather blame others. This is especially the case in their relationships. Once the Leo sun with Libra ascendant has found their soul mate, however, their optimistic ambition as well as their passion may make sure that their better half can not do without them.

Enjoy what life brings

Leos with Libra ascendant are sure to act like a Leo and assert themselves like a Libra sign. Both signs unite in an harmonious way and amend each other perfectly. There is the enormous skillfulness so typical for the Leo sun, persons who really know how to present themselves on the business floor that is united with the exquisite tastefulness of the Libra rising. Thus, in combination characters are created who display excellent manners and natural self-consciousness. People who are born as Leos with Libra ascendant have a lot of friends,which can be traced back to Leo's dominant character that is successfully balanced out by Libras personality. An influential and successful social position seems to come naturally to the Leo sun with Libra ascendant. Their gallantry surely opens a lot of doors but quite often the tendency of the Leo sun with Libra ascendant is to be too focused on their own benefits and to put too much emphasis on the fine things of life. Regardless of their gender, Leos with Libra rising openly display their luxurious life, which is not always received well by others. Life is something, in the eyes of people born as Leos sun with Libra ascendant, that should be enjoyed in every possible manner or way. This leads them to make too much fuss about it. This character flaws are truly compensated by the enormous charm and amiability so inherent in people with this astrological combination. With all sympathies on their side, these people are truly meant to have great influence on their environment.