Leo Sun Scorpio Rising | Leo Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Leo sun with Scorpio rising are true power packages. Leos with Scorpio rising have really high ambitions, amazing self-assertiveness and nature-given leadership skills that also smooth their way on the job. Due to Scorpios influence, these people have a nature-given love for game-playing as well as loads of passionate emotions such as a good portion of jealousy. In general, it is not wise to stand up against a Leo sun with Scorpio ascendant for, if threatened, this sign will with a sweep of their paw simply blow away all that keeps them from fulfilling their aims. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Natural leaders

In the astrological combination of the Leo sun with Scorpio ascendant all characteristic traits of both signs are combined to form a really strong personality. In this combination, Leos nature-given self-assertiveness is perfectly amended by ambition and forcefulness from Scorpios part. This combination may be useful above all on the job as these people bring along natural leadership regulated by Scorpio ascendants reasonable level of self-discipline and considerateness. This holds true for both men and women. This is one of the most important conditions to climb the highest heights of the career-ladder and to claim the achieved position further on with every emphasis.

Natural authority

Leos self-consciousness and Scorpios will-power unify in people who are born as Leo sun with Scorpio ascendant. Because of this, people with this constellation will pursue their targets ceaselessly and persistently. Both this skills are added to the passion to play games, great emotionality and a deal of jealousy. Once threatened by others a Leo sun with Scorpio ascendant reacts wary as a Leo and aggressive as the Scorpio man or woman. Their personal status in society or at work is of high importance to people with this constellation and they work hard to keep these. They would do anything to assert their opinion at all costs and fiercely resist their opponents and show great ruthlessness in cases of disharmony. If there are any obstacles ahead of them they will surely bring out their fangs. Leo people with Scorpio ascendant are highly convinced of themselves and always willing to defend their claim of authority with all their strength, being not rarely very successful in this. There is nevertheless this special aura of reservedness which can be observed as they won't be talking to anybody and seal themselves off. Nevertheless their fiery personality pushes them to extraordinary performance with their natural authority providing the necessary leading role and their gift for being dominating. In love, a Leo sun with Scorpio ascendant becomes possessive and jealous but will also be a passionate and amiable lover. It is thus essential that their soul mates are equally strong and full of special qualities. Only then a relationship with people born in this sign may be fulfilling and lasting, whereas a weak partner quickly becomes depressed.