Leo Sun Taurus Rising | Leo Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

Two different areas of emotionality collide in the Leo sun with Taurus rising. Leo can be called a highly passionate zodiac sign and in combination with the ability to enjoy, so typical for the Taurus rising, these people will seek the pleasant things in life and thus cherish all possible pleasures that are found. Individuals who are born in this astrological constellation will marry at young age, thus committing themselves to the right partner early in life. Their secured social status is furthermore an important task for the Leo sun with Taurus ascendant in order to build up their self-assurance. In general, people with these zodiac combination are said to be very polite and sociable but are equally easily hurt if their pride is not wounded. But learn more about their characteristics now.

The collision of strong emotions

Extreme emotions that are typical for both zodiac signs that collide when the Leo sun is combined astrologically with the Taurus ascendant. The Leo sun is dominated by passion whereas the Taurus rising definitely highlights pleasure. It should therefore be quite obvious that people born as Leo sun with Taurus ascendant seek the pleasant aspects of life, having a conscious taste for them. They will totally forget everything else then, making all matters irrelevant. Both men and women of the Leo sun with Taurus ascendant are thus detached from time and space. These people should feel comfortable around others. With this being the case, they behave amiable and open-minded. Long-term relationships with their true soulmate are what the Leo sun with Taurus ascendant is focused on, due to Leo's passion for love that is further enhanced by Taurus' commitment and reliability to a partner. Thus, quite often the Leo sun with Taurus ascendant decides early in life to bind tightly as they long for a true mate at their sides.

The importance of the social status

Social status is as important as a relationship for the Leo sun with Taurus ascendant. Their craving for recognition is combined with energetic power and creates a longing for a secured social status that should be maintained. As long as Leo men and women with Taurus ascendant are not hurt in their pride they will be utterly polite and friendly, gentlemenlike and cooperative. Leo's temper will be aroused in an instant when they get the feeling that they are hurt by others, thus showing all their concentrated rage and anger. As these people do not possess too much self-consciousness they are prone to blow their own trumpet. An outlived egoism will be come apparent in situations when they feel less worthy. Most of the time the Leo sun with Taurus man or woman tries to hide this character flaws however, so that their environment have to concentrate very hard to recognize their insecurity. Sometimes it happens that the Leo sun with Taurus ascendant expects recognition and praise to come automatically. This is when they have to be careful and use their brains. They simply have to be aware that nothing can be created out of nothing, thus avoiding deep disappointments caused by their false expectations. It applies for them, too, that nothing is achieved in life without taking chances to do their best or to be able to pursue their aims.