Leo Sun Cancer Rising | Leo Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics and Appearance

People born as Leo the Lion with Cancer rising want to try something totally different from time to time since they are ever looking for new challenges. It is conspicuous though that they are great in starting new projects but rarely would bring these to an end. It would be entirely wrong to believe the Leo with Cancer rising to be a lazy chap for whenever significant decisions need to be made they are able to take the appropriate steps to fulfill their task and master the situation. Therefore, Leos with Cancer ascendant are excellent leaders as soon as they will take some time to question themselves now an then. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Questioning one's self

It is no big surprise that people born in the zodiac constellation of the Leo sun with Cancer ascendant love to try new things, constantly seeking new challenges. However, often they fail themselves for they may lack an inner impulse to pursue their goals consequently. Leos with Cancer ascendant are not known at all to have great powers of endurance which is why they are often inclined to start projects they wouldn't bring to an end. But Leo individuals with Cancer ascendant are not essentially lazy or self-indulgent as they absolutely understand what really matters in life thus being able to come to the right decisions when important tasks are pending. In matters of their career, Leos with Cancer ascendant are destined to take leading positions and they are equally successful in promoting issues or even people. This can be seen due to the fact that they love to take center stage which is perfectly amended by Cancers patient nature and intuition. It is important for this sign to question constantly what they are and furthermore what they do.

Living with the inner anxiety

In those individuals who are born in the constellation of the Leo sun with Cancer rising the will to set terms which is typical for the Leo sign, is united with Cancers characteristic need for security. These qualities don't always match which leads to inner anxiety in people born in this zodiac constellation thus putting a certain imbalance on the agenda. Leo the Lion always seeks the spotlight or public glamor but because of Cancers influence only occasionally gets to be out of the house. Leos with Cancer ascendant enjoy doing things differently but most of the time end up staying where they are. Regardless of the gender, these character traits can be applied every Leo with Cancer ascendant. But Leo the Lion wouldn't be a Leo if they weren't able to resolve problems when decisions are to be taken. Leo individuals with Cancer rising are very generous but at the same time never take financial hazards. Personal contacts are of utmost importance to these people for Leo people with Cancer ascendant are delicate lovers who enjoy and cherish moments of tenderness. Thus, living the most romantic moments are the highest of highs and once their partner succeeds in drawing the Leo man or woman with Cancer rising into these special moments they would give everything for their companions.