Leo Sun Pisces Rising | Leo Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Leo Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics and Appearance

Oppositional structures are an important part of people born in Leo with Pisces rising, which continually causes conflicts in various situations of life. It is worth taking a closer look on Leo people with Pisces rising because they should never be underestimated as they can be characterized not only by the peaceful and subtle Pisces attributes but also reveal the untapped potential of the Leo characteristics.
As a result, they won't limit themselves to their soft and friendly side but can easily reveal their combative, strong and self-confident personality. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Family ranks first

Leo the Lion people with Pisces rising don't like being told what to do, thus they hate being restricted in any way for they simply prefer bossing the show due to the influence of Leos sun on their constellation. People born as a Leo with Pisces rising, irrespective of their gender, are family man, which is why they go the distance for those they love. If threatened, a Leo with Pisces ascendant instantly presents his teeth. When family or loved ones are in danger Leo will do whatever necessary to defend them, thus revealing the signs' typical, discernible protective instincts. A Leo with Pisces rising requires praise and honors in answer to their awesome roaring. All Leos, independently of their astrological ascendant appearance, simply love to be flattered and rewarded.

Being very vulnerable

Two extremely contradictory character traits meet in a Leo man or woman with Pisces ascendant individual. People born under this astrological constellation will suffer a lot from this contradiction. Thus, inner conflicts are on the agenda permanently because Leos active and dominant principle will continuously confront Pisces passive and soft character.
In addition, Pisces urge to venture into daydreaming and his tendency to escape reality constantly undermines Leos self-confidence and his craving for recognition.
People born in Leo with Pisces ascendant are between two minds: There is their natural authority and sensitivity to be named first, but on the downside, they tend to be self-centered and delicate.
Finding a balance between their sensitivity and the aching realism will be the challenge they have to face.
When feelings of love, a serious relationship or their effect on the other sex is concerned, people born as Leo with Pisces ascendant instantly show their great natural erotic charisma. Physical love is of high importance but even in this field they have to struggle with their inner turmoil.
On the one hand Leo the Lion is apt to take the lead, being dominant and forthright in a relationship, but on the other hand the sensitive Pisces longs for absolute devotion and complete fusion with their partner.
Yet, this may be exactly the inner conflict which produces Leos great potential. Those Leo people with Pisces ascendant who succeed in uniting both contrasting principles will become the most passionate lovers.