Native American Zodiac Sign Brown Bear: Characteristics

Native American Zodiac Sign Brown Bear: Characteristics

In the Native American horoscope, the Native American sign Brown Bear describes the personality of people born between 23 August and 22 September. These people are considered to have a calm temper and they anxiously try to avoid any conflict. Individuals born in the Native American zodiac sign brown bear are very often loners who live their lives unobtrusively. However, they know the pleasures that life is offering in every aspect, and they are no picky people. They love everything beautiful and emotional and they will prove their typical preferences in all aspects of life.

Brown Bears and their personality

Native American astrology attributes the zodiac sign brown bear to the element earth and therefore this sign belongs to the turtle clan. People born in this sign have the motto “strength lies in peace”. They do not like to become hasty. Individuals born in the Native American zodiac sign brown bear are at rest in themselves and need their own speed in order to be able to develop. If they feel urged, they will soon shut themselves off and retreat. Being so calm, they do not quite behave portly but show a lot of strength and skillfulness. Usually, brown bears are calm and peaceable people who will now and again retreat into their cave in order to gain new energy. Brown bears generally find it difficult to express their feelings even though they doubtlessly have their heart at the right place. If people are patient with them they will most probably be rewarded.

The professional life of the brown bear

For people born in the Native American zodiac sign Brown Bear, their profession plays a large role in their life. One of other characteristics are, that the brown Bears are diligent, always punctual, do not avoid responsibility and simply are the personified reliability. They find it easy to adapt to their working environment and therefore people will trust them and appreciate them. Brown Bears can work hard if necessary, but are not very much suited for leading positions. They prefer to do their work in the background and will do their best to achieve the results required. However, people born in the zodiac sign Brown Bear have to pay attention that their diligence at work will not become individual and lead to a chronic overburdening, because they tend to develop into a workaholic or to be exploited.

The love life of the Brown Bear

As far as love is concerned, Brown Bears are not very spontaneous and therefore they will make a reserved impression on their fellow people. However, people should not be misled by this impression, but take a look behind that stoic façade the Brown Bear shows. Then people will soon discover that individuals born in the sign of brown bear can develop deep emotions although they cannot show that so well. In a relationship with Brown Bears, their partners will have to be patient and must know that they will have to conquer Brown Bears because they will not take up the initiative. Brown bears need time to be able to get to know somebody and when they get this time, they will turn out to be romantic and faithful partners who are loyal and reliable in all aspects of life. A love relationship is very important to people born in the sign Brown Bear and therefore, they take this area of life very seriously. Sometimes that take it so seriously that they are very jealous, and will therefore cause difficulties to their partner.

The right partner for the Brown Bear

The two Native American zodiac signs Brown Bear and Puma are the ideal partners to develop a long-lasting and happy relationship, because they have so many things in common concerning their life attitudes and characteristics of these two signs, they will complement each other particularly well. A relationship with somebody born in the sign of Beaver can develop ideally. They are both pragmatic, diligent and reliable, and therefore, they will have the necessary understanding for each other, which will guarantee a long-lasting and happy relationship. An ideal match would be a relationship between a Brown Bear and a Woodpecker because they perfectly fit together in all aspects.

A combination between Brown Bears and Red-tailed Hawks will not work out that well, because even if they attract each other, their personalities are so different that permanent unrest would dominate their relationship. The Serpent would also not be the right partner for the Brown Bear because Serpent would always try to manipulate his or her Bear partner; and even these good-natured people will sooner or later have enough of that behavior.