Native American Zodiac Sign Beaver: Characteristics

Native American Zodiac Sign Beaver: Characteristics

In the Native American horoscope, the Native American zodiac sign beaver describes the personality and skills of people born between 20 April and 20 May. Usually, people born in the Native American sign beaver are considered being very helpful and sociable. Security for their family and themselves is paramount for these people and they will do their best to achieve this security. Beavers will do their best for their families, but also for their fellow people, whenever their help is needed and they will be true friends and emergency helpers.

The personality of the Beaver

People born in the Native American sign beaver have following characteristics: They are very enduring and resilient and will busily try to change their environment all their life in order to make it better, more secure and more stable. This bustle originates from their outsized need for security, which may make them look somewhat stiff and inflexible as far as their thought patterns are concerned. There is no thing they need more than consistency and so they will be skeptical concerning alterations. According to the Native American astrology, the zodiac sign Beaver belongs to the element earth and therefore to the turtle clan. The attribution to the element earth makes them patient, endurable and very reliable people. Individuals born in the Native American zodiac sign Beaver are very endurable and diligent people and handle their tasks with a lot of power. However, they also tend to exaggerate things and will then endanger their own health, because they exceed their limits very often.

The professional life of the Beaver

Like in all other areas of life, people born in the Native American zodiac sign Beaver are very patient and enduring in their professional life. In connection with their extraordinary organizational skills, these talents enable Beavers to be very successful and popular in their profession and to provide even more stability in their lives. However, people born in the sign of Beaver must pay attention that they will not be exploited by their superiors or become a workaholic. Beaver people appreciate stability in many areas of life and therefore, it is no wonder that they are looking for stability in their professional life, too. Individuals born in the sign Beaver would prefer to stay in the same company for their whole professional life. Beavers are not the ones who have great career goals. Popularity and success only play a minor role for these people, but they will very carefully consider that they can financially profit from their work and will therefore have the material security in order to live a good life.

The love life of the Beaver

As far as love is concerned, people born in the sign Beaver, no matter if man or woman, are very sensual but also very reliable. These people are not looking for a short love affair, because they want to feel stability and security in their love life, too. Therefore, individuals born in the Native American zodiac sign beaver live monogamously in most cases and they devote their whole attention to one partner. Beavers are very faithful and sincere and try to provide security to their partner and to fulfil all of their partner’s wishes if that is possible to them. As spouses Beavers are very imaginative and romantic. However, before Beavers commit themselves to a partner they will thoroughly check their future spouses and will only start a relationship if they are completely sure to have found the partner to share their whole life. For people born in the Native American zodiac sign Beaver a marriage without children is scarcely conceivable because they think that children are part of a happy life.

The right partner for the Beaver

The ideal partner for people born in the sign Beaver is somebody also born in the sign Beaver. In this constellation, the characteristics of this Native American sign will match best and both can be sure that this relationship will always be dominated by harmony and understanding for each other. People born in the zodiac sign of Woodpecker will also match to the Beaver, no matter if man or woman. A partner born in the sign Serpent can also be a stroke of luck for the beaver from which a long-lasting relationship can develop.

People born in the Native American zodiac sign Red-Tailed Hawk, however, will not at all match with a Beaver. Red-tailed Hawk and Beaver will not at all harmonize with each other and a relationship without understanding for each other would make the Beaver very unhappy. The same is true for relationships between Beaver and Deer and Beaver and Snow goose and it would make things difficult for Beavers if they start a relationship with one of these signs.