Native American Zodiac Sign Puma: Characteristics

In the Native American horoscope, the Native American sign Puma describes the personality and skills of people born in the time space between 19 February and 20 March. According to the Native American horoscope, people born in this sign are very sensitive. People born in the zodiac sign Puma always long for closeness even though this is completely at odds with their longing for freedom. Pumas are often shy and therefore, many of them lead their lives as loners and look for refuge in philosophy since entertainment without real depth does not respond to their character.

People born in the Native American sign cougar may look confident and powerful in company, but inwardly they usually are anxious, undecided, restless and very sensitive. The cougar belongs to the element water and therefore to the frog clan. The element water stands for intuition and emotion, and therefore, people with this Native American sign are overwhelmingly compassionate. Cougars have a good sense for the worries and anxieties of their fellow people, but internally they are torn in mind and not very stable. They are helpful, selfless and very trustful but unfortunately, people will often take advantage of them and will disappoint them.

Pumas and their character

The most particular characteristics of individuals born in the sign of Puma is their keen sense of justice, but they tend to overshoot their target and to work themselves into a real delusion. Despite their endurance and strength Pumas may show, they are very cautious, sometimes even anxious. These people can be sensitive, but as well smart and accordingly, their decisions and actions seem to be somewhat undecided. The social conscience of people born in the sign of Puma is legendary as well as their heart for all people that are suffering from discrimination and any kind of trouble. There are no excuses or compromises for Pumas; they always live up directly to their ideas of order and a hierarchical system.

Pumas are always prepared to help other people but need to take care that people do not take advantage of them. People born in the Puma sign will react very sensitively when they notice that their help and their advice is not accepted. If this is the case, they withdraw very soon and will stop all further efforts to help the person who refused them. Pumas pursue their goals with an enormous endurance and determination and always have an attentive eye on their environment.

The professional life of Pumas

People born in the Native American zodiac sign Puma are almost predestined to do their best and to pursue their goals because they are extremely ambitious and pursue their goals persistently and resolutely. They are very skillful in continuously motivating themselves in order to deliver top performances. Therefore, these people usually reach high professional positions, in which they can achieve great things and make great movements.

In their job, people born in the Native American sign Puma mostly act very instinctively and intuitively and their natural wisdom will be of great help. With increasing age, these people will realize in most cases that everything is temporary and that there are things, which are more important than success, wealth and property. Despite their own high demands, Pumas will, also in their job try to be tolerant towards other people and their colleagues will usually estimate them for their tolerance.

The love life of the Puma

In a love relationship, people born in the zodiac sign Puma are very faithful partners, no matter if man or woman. They are friendly, reliable and very understanding towards their partners. Pumas are always ready to lend an ear for the worries and needs of their partner and their partners can always count on them. In spite of this, Pumas need a certain personal freedom and one should not try to restrict them. This is very important, because people born in the zodiac sign of Puma who are not happy in their love relationship, will escape without return. People to whom a love relationship is as important as to the Pumas, will be exactly the right partners to build up a long-lasting relationship based on faithfulness and reliability.

The right partner for the Puma

Unsuitable for a Puma is a relationship with a partner who is born in the sign beaver. With these two signs the differences in essence are so great that a trusting connection can hardly arise from them. Also, a relationship with a partner of the sign of the zodiac deer or red goshawk does not stand under a good star and will not function therefore also with high probability in the long term.

The ideal partner for Pumas is a person with the Native American zodiac sign Woodpecker. They share the same life values and therefore make a good team. Combinations of Puma and Bear and Puma and Snow Goose will turn out very fine, because these Native American signs have so much in common that they bring about the best preconditions for a long-lasting and happy relationship.

A partner born in the zodiac sign Beaver is not suited for a relationship with a Puma. The differences between these signs are too big and therefore it is impossible that a trustful relationship can develop. A partner born in the sign deer or red hawk is as well unsuited for the Puma and a relationship between these two signs will not work out well for a longer period.