Native American Zodiac Sign Raven: Characteristics

Native American Zodiac Sign Raven: Characteristics

In the Native American horoscope, the Native American zodiac sign Raven describes the personality and skills of people born between 23 September and 23 October. People born in the Native American sign Raven hate loneliness and therefore, they always have to be among people. If Ravens are not in a steady relationship, they will certainly not be alone since they usually have many friends and acquaintances. People born in the sign Raven are very diplomatic and fair and therefore, they are very popular with their fellow people. Helping other people and supporting them is only natural to Ravens and so they will be everywhere on the spot when their help is needed.

Ravens and their personality

In Native American astrology the zodiac sign raven belongs to the element air and their characteristics are therefore attributed to the butterfly clan. People with this Native American zodiac sign can be described as communicative, diplomatic, mediating and intelligent. Individuals born in this Native American sign have a very social attitude, but are often very naive and due to their diplomatic nature they find it difficult to clearly express their own opinion. Whoever is born in the zodiac sign raven, is sensitive and emphatic and will always show great understanding for the behavior of his or her fellow people. However, these people sometimes tend to act spontaneously and impulsively, but by doing so they will shoot themselves in the foot. Ravens will never take part in lies and intrigues or other actions that might harm other people. Belonging to the element air, Ravens are always on the move, either intellectually or physically. Due to their intellectual agility and their creative thinking patterns, they are popular dialogue partners and are able to adapt to changes of all kinds without any problem because they are very flexible.

The professional life of the Raven

People born in the Native American zodiac sign Raven are good team players. They are always cooperative and amiable and contribute to a harmonic atmosphere in a group. On the one hand, their diplomatic skill can be of great benefit professionally, but on the other hand, this skill could become a disadvantage. In particular, it would do no harm to people born in the sign of Raven to stand up for their own interests and to care less for the success of their colleagues. Ravens will particularly feel at home in creative jobs, where their artistic talent is needed, because usually they are musically and artistically talented, they love to do craftwork and are fully integrating their creative potential in their daily life. Furthermore, they have a good taste for colors and are stylistically confident. Therefore, they intuitively know what will fit or not fit to other people.

The love life of the Raven

People born in the Native American zodiac sign Raven usually have many friends and acquaintances. However, this will not be sufficient for them because in their world-view, a steady partner with whom they can lead a happy relationship belongs to a fulfilling life. However, some time will pass until they find the ideal partner, because they make their choice very carefully and deliberately without any haste. Once they have selected a partner, people born in the sign of Raven will do anything for him or her, but without subordinating themselves completely to that partner. Ravens attach a lot of importance to harmony and do not like to quarrel at all, but they will keep their own mind and their own will.

The best partner for the Raven

People born in the zodiac sign of Otter will be ideal partners for a Raven. Raven and Otter both belong to the element air and therefore, they are very similar as far as their character is concerned. Their interests are very compatible with each other and therefore, they could develop a harmonic and long-lasting relationship. The constellation Raven and Puma is very promising, even though they do not have much in common at first sight. However, they will complement one another very well and, on this basis, build up a very trustful and equal relationship.

Compared to that, a relationship between Raven and Red-tailed Hawk will not work out well. These two Native American zodiac signs are like fire and water and therefore, such a relationship will suffer from the lack of harmony and understanding for each other. People born in the sign of Serpent can also not offer a good basis for a happy and fulfilling relationship to the Raven, because the Serpent will constrict the Raven so heavily that he or she will end the relationship.