Native American Zodiac Sign Snow goose: Characteristics

In the Native American horoscope, the snow goose is the first sign within the zodiac. The Native American zodiac sign snow goose applies for all people born in the time period between 22 December to 19 January. Human beings born in the sign snow goose are very often considered being irascible, restless and hectic. Therefore, these people are not all too popular with their fellow people when they have their caprices now and again. The snow geese pursue their goals with great ambition, energy, persistence and competence and do not hesitate to push through their goals with a lot of force.

The Native American astrology allocates the sign Snow Goose to the element earth and therefore the snow goose belongs to the turtle clan. Through the element earth, characteristics like stability, a sense of the doable and a sense of responsibility are attributed to the snow goose. People born in this sign will not give up because they are persistent and will not leave the path they have chosen. They will not necessarily choose the easiest way, but obstacles and difficulties will not stop them and they will always keep their goal in sight. Individuals born in the Native American sign Snow Goose are tough, patient and not necessarily popular with their fellow people if they give in to their moods. Since this does not happen very often, it is usually not too hard to forgive them.

The Snow geese and their character

People born in the Native American sign Snow Goose will try to avoid alterations in their lives. They are very traditional and tend to trust rather in well-tried things than new things. For Snow Geese, it is very important that their lives will proceed in ordered lines and that they have control over it. People born in the Native American sign Snow Goose are despite their occasional capriciousness very forbearing, but this could also turn out as stubbornness and wrongheadedness, which will make it quite difficult to handle these people. When Snow Geese are in that mood one should better avoid them because there would be no point in reasoning with them. However, these phases will not last for long and then snow geese will be very sociable again and in a likeable way eccentric. A Snow Goose is quite in a position to give stability and reliability to the people they love; so one should not only judge these people due to the first impression. Strong as the Snow Geese may seem to be, they still have a need for security. One of their main tasks in life is certainly learning to be flexible and to realize that changes and alterations are not necessarily bad.

The Snow Goose in professional life

A human being born in the Native American zodiac sign Snow Goose needs a profession that includes many planning and calculating activities, because this will meet up well with the personality of this Native American sign. Snow Goose sign people will know very soon in their life how their professional future should look like and from that period in time, they will try to reach their goals with great vigor, ambition and determination. Human beings born in the sign of snow goose will take their time to learn, to comprehend and to improve during their whole life. Therefore, it is no wonder that people born in this sign will be the most successful signs in the Native American zodiac.

One of the weaknesses of Snow Geese is that they are not able to perform well under time pressure even though people born in this sign tend to be exaggeratedly ambitious and will therefore turn to a workaholic. Due to the great priority that work has for them, their family life will suffer eventually from the professional ambition of the snow geese. In most cases, this behavior will only change with increasing age, because a certain maturity will bring the knowledge and vision that is necessary for defining their limits.

The love life of the Snow Goose

Whoever is in love with a Snow Goose, no matter if man or woman, will not regret it because an individual born in the sign of Snow Goose is very loyal, true and very reliable in all matters of life. In a relationship with a Snow Goose, it is important to tolerate their life rhythm and their particularities and not try to change them. Within their family, Snow Geese are very cheerful and talkative people who willingly offer their help to others. People being born in the sign Snow Goose long for security, trust, warmth and certainty within their love relationship and they want to keep such a relationship for the rest of their lives once they have found the right partner. Snow Geese find it hard to show their feelings for their partner, which could cause problems within in their love relationship.

The family is particularly important for people born in the sign of Snow Goose, but they always need their freedom and opportunities to retreat. A certain time will pass until they open up towards their partner, but they will then reward their partners with a lot of sensuality and passion for their patience. However, a Snow Goose will always make sure that a relationship remains realistic and practicable.

The ideal partner for the Snow Goose

The best partner for people born under the sign Snow Goose is the Native American zodiac sign Read Tailed Hawk. A love relationship with the sign bear or puma will also turn out well and provides the best preconditions for a long-term and happy love relationship.

People born in the sign Serpent, Salmon or Deer are less appropriate partners for a love relationship with a Snow Goose. The personalities of these signs are too different and harmony would suffer in these relationships or would not even materialize.