Calculate Native American Zodiac Signs

Calculate Native American Zodiac Signs

Native Americans have always been famous for their ability to live in harmony with Mother Nature and to use her resources wisely to ensure the survival of their people. Consequently, the Native American horoscope, which they call “Medicine Wheel”, is another expression of the great respect American Indians have had for nature throughout their entire history and has been decisive for the basic character of Native American astrology. Today it is very easy to calculate Native American zodiac sign for free and without having to walk around a stone monument to do so. The Native American horoscope is a great source of insight, as it describes the qualities and traits assigned to each animal sign in detail. Learn more about the topic “Calculate Native American Zodiac Signs”.

American Indians and their love of nature

It is well known that Native Americans have traditionally aligned their lives with the forces of nature. Out of respect and gratitude for Mother Earth and for everything they received from her, American Indians created their own astrological divination system, which is the foundation for the Native American horoscope. Unlike the more rational and scientific Western astrology, their approach disconnected from the positions of the stars and other planets of our solar system because they were eager to find a system that reflected their rootedness in nature. However, the American Indians themselves never called their invention “horoscope” but they named it “Medicine Wheel” instead. Needless to say, of course, that in their understanding the word “medicine” does not refer to the intake of drugs or remedies but rather to the inherent strength of every living creature, be it animals or humans. The Medicine Wheel also regards the forces of nature and all the energies that surround every individual and that can be used by him. The round shape of the Medicine Wheel is based on the Indian notion that man is born into a circle and that life is a closed circle in itself.

Goose, Owl, Beaver and more

The personal evolution of a human being is displayed in the Medicine Wheel in different stages, which in the Native American astrology very often are represented by zodiac signs. Like in the Western horoscope, the Medical Wheel uses twelve signs, but unlike in the Western horoscope, the Native Americans only use animals as their zodiac signs. Of course, they didn't just pick random creatures for that purpose but animals they could relate to in their everyday lives, as is the case with Snow Goose, Otter, Puma (sometimes replaced by Wolf, depending on the tribe), Red-tailed Hawk, Beaver, Deer, Woodpecker Salmon, Brown Bear, Serpent and Owl. However, before the American Indians had chosen their animal signs, they observed the interaction of their people with those animals for a long time and evaluated these encounters very thoroughly. To do so, the different Indian tribes adopted several properties from the animals and waited to see how the creatures reacted to the emulation of their behavior. Later on, they assigned their insight on the qualities of the animals to the human beings that were born into the respective circle. Every animal of the Native American zodiac was assigned to a certain time period of the year, which now makes it easy to determine a person's Native American sign and to verify to which extent it matches with the qualities of his Western zodiac sign.

Aware of their own inherent strength

It has always been of paramount importance for American Indians to become aware of their own inherent strength, because according to their value system, only then can a man have an impact on his own development and grow into a mature person that is able to face life with equanimity. The Native Americans were exemplary in their prudent use of the resources of Mother Earth and in living perfectly synchronized with nature, which might be another good reason for anyone to determine their own Native American zodiac sign in order to learn more about themselves through the wisdom of the American Indians.

Zodiac Sign Calculator

In Brackets, you see the validation of a native american zodiac sign from which day to what day. If you click on this star sign, you get detailed information about it.
(20.04 - 20.05.)
Brown Bear
(23.08. - 22.09.)
(22.11. - 22.12.)
(21.05. - 20.06.)
(23.07. - 22.08.)
(20.01. - 18.02.)
(19.02. - 20.03.)
(23.09. - 22.10.)
Red-tailed Hawk
(21.03. - 19.04.)
(24.10. - 22.11.)
Snow Goose
(22.12. - 19.01.)
(21.06. - 22.07.)