Native American Zodiac Sign Woodpecker: Characteristics

Native American Zodiac Sign Woodpecker: Characteristics

The Native American zodiac sign Woodpecker describes the personality and skills of people born between 21 June and 22 July. These people are very loyal and faithful and are so domestic and place bound that many people describe them as “couch potatoes”. Individuals born in the sign of Woodpecker will avoid adventures of any kind, because their concept of happiness is limited to a good monogamous relationship with children and well-being within their close family circle. People born in the Native American sign Woodpecker wish to have only one partner in life with whom they will be happy for the rest of their lives.

Woodpeckers and their personality

People born in the Native American sign Woodpecker are very enduring and emotional. They show a lot of sympathy for their fellow people and they are very talented to put themselves into the position of other people. People born in this sign are always a little anxious when it comes to things that are somewhat new to them. In general, Woodpeckers will not find it easy to balance their emotions and therefore, it is so important to them to get the necessary support from their partner and their family. Independently from this fact, Woodpeckers are very social and extremely sensitive people who are usually very friendly towards others, but they also expect that others treat them similarly. The predominant features of people born in the zodiac sign Woodpecker are their solicitousness, their determined protective instinct and their persistence. However, Woodpeckers can also be moody and therefore extremely introvert which could also turn into pessimism.

The professional life of the Woodpecker

For people born in the Native American sign Woodpecker – for their characteristics – it is very important to find a task in life to which they can fully devote themselves. For many of these people this task lies in the private field, in building up a family and a home. Woodpeckers will not attach much importance to be successful in their job, because they do not have a distinct need for power and recognition in their job. For individuals born in the sign of Woodpecker, it is more important to be happy in their job whereby a good work climate plays a considerable role for them. Therefore, a small company with a familial work climate would suit best for these people. If Woodpeckers like their job and feel comfortable in their working environment, they can show best what they can do and are in a position to perform particularly well.

The love life oft he Woodpecker

The love relationship is most important for people born in the Native American sign Woodpecker and so it is no wonder that they attach more importance to quality rather than quantity. People born in the sign Woodpecker will not move from one love affair to the other, but they will look for consistency, security and honesty in a love relationship, because the take love very seriously. They have an intensive emotional life which excludes flirts and love affairs, because they will devote themselves wholeheartedly to their partner. Woodpecker people are faithful, sometimes almost affectionate and try to fulfil every wish of their partner. People born in the sign of Woodpecker look for stability and protection in a relationship based on romanticism and therefore harmony is more important to them than passion. They give a lot, but will expect more or less consciously that they will be rewarded for that, and will possibly put their relationship to the test with their behaviour. Another problem is that the Woodpecker can become offended very easily and will sometimes react oversensitively and moody to their environment.

The best partner for the Woodpecker

The best partner for the woodpecker is somebody born in the sign of Brown Bear. Both zodiac signs are very sensitive, very cautious and very loving. With a Brown Bear, a Woodpecker will always feel safe and secure. There will also be very good chances for a long-lasting relationship between a Woodpecker and a Beaver. Both of them are very domestic and strive for security, which is a good basis for a long-lasting relationship for both of them. A partner born in the sign Puma is also quite suited for the zodiac sign Woodpecker since both of them belong to the frog clan and therefore match well, and they may develop a satisfying relationship.

On the contrary, a partner born in the Native American sign Red-tailed Hawk is not be very well suited for a relationship with the Woodpecker. Their life attitudes are too different and therefore, there will not be much harmony in such a relationship. The relationship between the Native American sign Woodpecker and Raven will also not turn out well. The Raven will soon feel restricted and he or she will eventually flee. The same is true for the combination of Woodpecker and Owl, because here, the needs of the domestic Woodpecker and the freedom-loving Owl will collide.