Native American Zodiac Sign Serpent: Characteristics

Native American Zodiac Sign Serpent: Characteristics

In the Native American horoscope, the Native American zodiac sign Serpent describes the personality and skills of people born between 24 October and 21 November. People born in the sign of Serpent are somewhat mysterious and unfathomable and they will attract other people with their mysterious aura. In order to understand them one has to take a good look behind the façade, but if must justly be doubted that the Serpent will give anyone the opportunity to do so. Individuals born in the Native American sign Serpent are not really prepared to let anyone look behind their façade and therefore no one really knows what is on their mind.

The personality of the Serpent

Native American astrology allocates the Serpent to the element water and therefore, this sign belongs to the frog clan. People born in this zodiac sign are always mysterious and unfathomable, but also perceptive and enduring. Serpents carry many secrets inside and normally, they do not trust other people. Therefore, they only show their feelings only when they are sure that there really is a basis of trust. People born in the Native American sign Serpent are very inquisitive, curious and get to the bottom of the matter very precisely. These people will pursue their goals very ambitiously and nothing will stop them or will not throw them off course. If difficulties occur, the Serpents can get them out of the way in a tricky way. In order to do so, they will also use their skills of seduction, but without becoming deceitful. People born in this Native American sign will prefer deeds to words. However, sometimes they can become quite temperamental if the situations require this. People making a Serpent their enemy, should know that they will not have much to laugh about any more.

The professional life of the Serpent

In their job, people born in the Native American zodiac sign Serpent are very purposeful as the characteristics show. Beware however, because in order to achieve a desired position, Serpents will put their competitors to flight and push them aside, sometimes with unfair methods. People born in the sign of Serpent are cunning and intelligent enough to find out the weaknesses of their fellow people soon and very accurately; and they will use this knowledge for their own benefit. With this behavior, they will not only make friends on the job, but they will accept this because in most cases they are successful. Serpents are possibly the most ambitious sign in the Native American zodiac. Therefore, people born in the sign of snake usually are highly educated and literate and so they are always one step ahead of their fellow people. They look down on uneducated people and can become quite offensive then. However, Serpents also have a likeable side, because they are very emphatic and are able to adapt to the most different people.

The love life of the Serpent

As far as love is concerned, people born in the Native American sign Serpent will behave very extremely. Whoever lives with a Serpent must prepare to the full range of emotions. The partner of a Serpent will get anything ranging from pain to passion, rage and ecstasy. Whoever is in love with a Serpent – and this is true for men and women - , has to belong to him or her completely, because in a relationship with a Serpent, jealousy will always play a big role. Even if there is no need for it. Love can also be a game for people born in the sign of Serpent and therefore, their partners have to be very tolerant. A long time will pass until Serpents reveal their true feelings to another person. People born in this sign are naturally very suspicious and therefore, they will almost never give an insight into their inner life and their feelings. Serpents want to dominate their partners and to have complete control within a relationship. Therefore, it can be assumed that there will be very stormy, but also very exhausting times in a relationship with a Serpent.

The best partner for the Serpent

People born in the zodiac sign Puma are very well suited for a relationship with people born in the Native American sign Serpent. Both belong to the frog clan and therefore, one can expect that these two signs will invest a lot of emotion and trust as a basis for a well-working relationship. A relationship with the zodiac sign Beaver will also turn out fine for the Serpent. Both can learn a lot from each other and provide enough understanding for each other in order to lead a long-lasting and happy relationship.

However, the constellation Serpent and Salmon will not have a good basis. These two Native American signs will wear one another out with power struggles on the long run, and will show too little willingness to approach one another and accept the individualities of their partner. A relationship between Raven and Serpent would not have a good chance to become long and fulfilling. These two signs are too different and one has to expect that there are too many friction points between the two of them.