Native American Zodiac Sign Owl: Characteristics

Native American Zodiac Sign Owl: Characteristics

In the Native American horoscope, the Native American zodiac sign Owl describes the personality and skills of people born between 22 November and 23 December. Owl people are regarded to be the wisest of all signs in the Native American zodiac. Therefore, people born in this sign are said to be wise and educated and strive for further education in order to enlarge their spiritual horizon. Wherever something is unclear, owls try to bring light into the darkness, but not only for their own benefit. People born in this sign believe they are wise and therefore it is the best to avoid endless discussions with them, because when people doubt their opinion too much, an owl could become very quarrelsome.

The personality of the Owl

The Native American horoscope allocates the owl to the element fire and therefore, the owl belongs to the hawk clan. People born in this zodiac sign need a lot of freedom in order to be able to develop well and their enthusiasm will intoxicate other people. Owls are very energetic and expect a similarly serious engagement from their fellow people, which is not always easy. Individuals with the Native American sign owl strive for high ideals and set themselves ambitious targets. In order to achieve these targets, owls will never act spontaneously, but very considerate and thoroughly and they will always take their time to decide. Owls basically feel constricted by rules and regulations and therefore, they try to break such barriers. People born in the zodiac sign owl need their freedom and independence, only then they will be happy and able to perform well.

The professional life of the Owl

People born in the Native American zodiac sign Owl have following characteristics: They are interested in many things and accordingly, their general education is diverse. Therefore, Owls work in many professions. It is important for people born in the sign of Owl that they feel good in their job and that this job is demanding enough. If a job is too easy and too monotonous, they will soon lose interest in this job. However, owls find it difficult to accept instructions from others, for example their superiors. Especially in jobs where they will have to submit themselves, Owls will feel that they waste their skills and cannot make further developments. People born in this sign are farsighted and they always strive for further education. Owls will never be content with the status quo, but wish to make further developments and to improve and refine everything around them.

The love life of the Owl

People born in the Native American zodiac sign Owl take regard not only life but also love as an adventure of some kind. People born in this sign are looking for exchange on the emotional as well as on the intellectual level. Therefore, people born in the zodiac sign Owl love to flirt and have intensive discussions while doing so. It is very important to Owls that a certain charm in their relationship will never get lost. For them, everything must constantly seem new and exciting and therefore, their partners should be very imaginative and creative. The ideal partners for Owls should not be frail but very confident and should show enough tolerance, because the Owl tends to be quite arrogant sometimes.

The best partner for the Owl

There are good prospects for a long-lasting and happy relationship between Owl and Otter. Both ot them are spiritually aligned and equally search for knowledge and wisdom. However, they should pay attention to meet the emotional needs of their partner. Owls and Ravens also have many things in common, because both of them need their freedom. Therefore, there is a basic understanding for each other, which is an important fundament for a long-lasting and happy relationship.

The Native American zodiac signs Owl and Goose are completely unsuited for a relationship, because they do not share the same fundamental opinions and life attitudes so that in such a relationship there will be more quarrels than harmony. The constellation Owl and Puma is also not very promising because these two signs are like fire and water. In a relationship with the dominant Owl, the sensitive and caring Puma will miss the feelings and therefore they would be no good prospects for a loving and happy relationship.