Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising | Scorpio Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics and Appearance

A Scorpio with Virgo rising is an A-1 perfectionist. Their whole life is dominated by their great expectations, and even friends and family are constantly confronted with the demanding nature of this sign. It may happen that Scorpio man or woman with Virgo rising puts too much pressure on himself thus having difficulties to letting themselves go. This is why they seem to be reserved and tense. A Scorpio with Virgo rising questions everything and gets right down to the bottom of things. It may cause some disagreement in their environment that they tend to apply this characteristic behavior to all areas of life. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Everything to be questioned

Nearly perfect in intellectual tasks and thus ideally prepared to work academically the Scorpio with Virgo rising is characterized by Virgos objectivity and Scorpios profundity. Usually a Scorpio with Virgo ascendant is highly intellectual pursuing an urge to learning and research. Getting to the bottom of things is the key phrase for a Scorpio character. A trait that is combined with the overall methodical and reasonable Virgo characteristics. Scientific work suits this sign best. On the other hand, this constellation truly has its negative aspects which become apparent in their disability to let go which is why these men and women seem inhibited. However, Scorpios with Virgo rising show considerable fluency and expression thus their opinions will be often ironic and condescending. When the chips are down these people present themselves prone to materialism with bleak prospects and a tendency to run down people. The urge to question everything and to get to the bottom of things does also affect their sexuality. This leads to endless arguments with their companion. Instead of simply relaxing and enjoying life this signs representatives analyze everything and totally miss that they can be a pain in the neck. They would certainly benefit from a little more spontaneity and sleaziness.

Unsparing honesty

Scorpios sun with Virgo rising are strongly inclined to behave perfectly and show a tendency to brood. Whatever they're at they only do that to meet their own perfectionist standards. Regardless of their gender, Scorpios with Virgo ascendant analyze everything and anything thus they are sometimes perceived as shy individuals by their environment. This sign takes a critical look on others and does not beat about the bush but quickly criticizes things without being very sensitive. Although they mean no harm, this does not win them too many friends. It takes a while but once known a little closer it may be exactly this unsparing honesty that is appreciated by friends.