Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising | Scorpio Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics and Appearance

The air and the fire element are combined in the Scorpio sun with Gemini rising, and thus will possibly trigger energetic spring tides, due to the passion and profundity of the Scorpio sun and the mental agility and curiosity of the Gemini rising. Actually, nearly everything seems to be possible and no obstacles can withhold the Scorpio sun with Gemini ascendant who profits greatly from the interaction of the traits of both contributing signs and therefore will ever be able to explore their own limits. Nearly all things in life seem to be of interest to these people, regardless whether large or small, important or not, as they have an alert and quick mind. But even these individuals can not focus their attention on infinite topics as they may risk to handle some subjects only superficially instead of going to the bottom of things. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Superficiality doesn't exist

A very successful connection comes out of the combination of the Scorpio sun, who is connected to the water element, with Gemini ascendant that is connected to the air element. The passion of the Scorpio sun is added to the curious and open mind of the Gemini rising, consequently the people who are born in this astrological constellation act and think in a very skilful manner. There is no place for superficiality in the life of the Scorpio sun with Gemini ascendant and this holds true for all areas of their lives, partners included. For the Scorpio sun, regardless of their gender, the relationship with their partners can be deep as the ocean itself. People who are born as Scorpio sun with Gemini rising welcome openly new topics in their life and live on the maxim that they want to get deeper and deeper into the things they are interested in.

Clever and crafty

A promising combination is created when the Scorpio and the Gemini sign collide, as the passion and assertiveness of the Scorpio man or woman is united with Gemini's thirst for knowledge and the skillfulness to form a powerful character. Those who are born as Scorpio sun with Gemini ascendant are clever and sometimes crafty and live in line with the slogan “Knowledge is power”. They have a tireless scientific curiosity and love to examine everything to detail. The charming Gemini ascendant forms a skillful and simpatico person of the well-grounded Scorpio sun whose performance benefit at social events. There are, however, negative personalities among the Scorpio people with Gemini rising. And these negative contemporaries use their cunning to take advantage of others for their personal interest. In addition, their rhetoric skills and abusive ridiculing is applied to expose and corner others. In general, Scorpio individuals with Gemini sun are in matters of love very playful in the beginning and thus appear to be superficial but this would wrong them. In truth, they will not show the depth of their emotions until they are sure to be in a relationship which is serious and based on firm ground. In such a case Scorpios with Gemini ascendant will openly show their great and amazing love and be absolutely loyal to their partners.