Scorpio Sun Cancer Rising | Scorpio Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics and Appearance

Characteristically, people who are born as Scorpios with Cancer rising bring along the coexistence of two water signs. Thus, passion and sensitivity are mixed in these individuals, resulting in erotically charged personalities. Fundamental affections are typical for a Scorpio with Cancer ascendant and they are revealed unambiguously by this impulsive character. Willing to analyze simply everything Scorpio people with Cancer rising prefer getting to the bottom of things. This puts a big strain on their environment as dealing with theses people is anything else but a walk-through. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Everything has to be analyzed

Two water signs come together in Scorpios with Cancer ascendant and form the highly erotic charisma of this sign. Out of fundamentally emotional Cancer and the passionate impulsive behavior of the Scorpio man or woman a fiery character is created who attaches great importance to lovemaking matters. For all that fire Scorpios with Cancer ascendant are amazingly not at all interested in superficial interludes since the Cancer-influence highlights the importance of traditional values and the family. Hence, Scorpio people with Cancer rising transfer their erotics to more private areas. Being gifted with a strong and vigorous emotionality these people show impulsive behavior. Regardless of their gender, suffering setbacks and disappointments provoke strong emotional outburst immediately. Scorpio individuals with Cancer ascendant simply love to analyze people. They tend to question everything due to their empathy and their strong will to get to the bottom of things. This may however get out of control and become a downright quirky behavior, trying the patience of their environment.

Harmony is key

In the combination of the Scorpio sun with Cancer rising both water signs mix to a melting pot made of the emotional depths of Cancer born and Scorpios passion. People with this astrological combination cherish their privacy and security guarding their secret retreat with their lives. This combination brings out very passionate and emotional persons whose focus will be forever on their love-life and family. The influence of Scorpios rather aggressive sun is softened through the Cancer man or woman and thus brings out warm and charming fellows. Due to their empathy and their will to analyze things they should chose the career of a psychologist for they are excellent observers of the human nature. Every now and then yet they are too concerned about the past recalling old times. These people almost intuitively predict certain incidents and have vivid dreams about the future. Scorpios with Cancer ascendant feel most easy when surrounded by a harmonious environment. This would be equally true for partnership and family life as well as in more professional areas. Scorpio people with Cancer ascendant who are in a leading position career-wise do not hesitate to make friends on the job trying to mix both rolls and enjoy what they do at work.