Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising | Scorpio Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

People with sun in Scorpio, Aquarius ascendant are true and loyal characters in life and relationship. Concededly, the Scorpio sun with Aquarius rising sways between a behavior that is utterly selfish and sacrificing themselves for others. They may suddenly retreat just to come back and open up to their environment with full force. Scorpios with Aquarius ascendant always keep the ideals in mind and never deviate from them. Life is thus dominated by the friendships which play a great role for people with this astrological combination and thanks to their horse sense they will only occasionally suffer from disappointments. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Enjoying career and success

As a loving and true partner, the Scorpio sun with Aquarius ascendant love to stay independent in a relationship and really need their freedom, which should be clear to those who are willing to live with them. Honest and true love will be the reward, if the Libra sun with Aquarius ascendant feels accepted. Thus, the Scorpio sun with Aquarius ascendant is a totally reliable partner as soon as they feel completely accepted. Mr or Mrs Right will therefore become obvious by their ability to respect their partners' shaky and quirky character. The right partner will not feel hurt by these character traits. Scorpios with Aquarius ascendant have exact ideas and rarely deviate from them. Success on the job matters a lot for the Scorpio sun with Aquarius rising. This is not primarily to demonstrate something to others or to receive a lot of admiration but simply to be excellent on the job and have a successful career.

True partners who live their own life

Generally, very interesting personalities emerge out of the combination of the Scorpio sun with Aquarius ascendant. Their personality is based on Scorpio's talent to look into people and Aquarius' intuition that gives the Scorpio sun with Aquarius ascendant a horse sense. Thus, they can easily see through others and simultaneously do not show their hand. Scorpios with Aquarius man or woman are therefore really unique and stubborn people who walk unusual paths in life. Their inner self is quite contradictory as their self-assertiveness is easily disturbed because of this inner fragmentation. Thus, constantly swaying between ego-centered behavior and devotion, these people regularly retreat and open-up with full force. They are people of high ideals to whom they cling for life. In pursuing their objectives and dreams consequently who are admired. Friends are really important for the Scorpio sun with Aquarius ascendant. Their horse sense and some drastic experiences from the first half of their lives, these people avoid being disappointed later in life.