Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising | Scorpio Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

There is definitely something very special about the combination of the Scorpio sun with Taurus ascendant. These people are not always easy persons to deal with as they are often at odds with their environment. However, many extreme characteristics of the Scorpio are softened by the influence of the Taurus rising, thus their behavior becomes more sociable and less mysterious to others. Great energy is the keyword for this sign but these characteristics may develop into disadvantages for they can change into stubbornness and intransigence and thus create more controversy. Scorpio people with Taurus rising cherish life’s delights and use them to get rid of the trouble of everyday life. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Two strong zodiacs combined

It is obvious that the combination of the Scorpio sun with the Taurus rising creates really strong people. Although these people are quite often at odds with their environment, they use this skill to go ahead on the job and do great work. As a rule, both men and women of the Scorpio sun are said to be really revengeful. The influence of the Taurus rising, however, softens these feelings. Scorpio sun with Taurus ascendant will never forgive nor forget when they are betrayed but will on the contrary never seek revenge. All negative thoughts that result from painful experiences are thrown off with a shrug by turning towards the beautiful and delightful aspects of life which play a great part in the lives of these people.

Perseverance turning into stubbornness

Two zodiac signs that are extremely rigid and possessive meet in Scorpio people with Taurus ascendant. This can be observed best in these peoples' tenacity and in the doggedness they display in various situations. Both men and women who are born as Scorpio sun with Taurus man or woman have extraordinary tenacious skills that turn into stubbornness, rigidity and inflexibility really often. Their pig-headed behavior and their inclination to stick to their opinions may frequently lead to conflicts and arguments with their environment. It is quite striking, however, that Scorpio sun with Taurus ascendant are really into materialism and money-making and excessively live their animal instincts. These people will therefore easily take their partners as granted, regarding them as personal property, thus observing their mates jealously. In a relationship, they will cling to these mates, even if this union has failed long ago. It is therefore very important for people born in this astrological combination not to tense up as only open-mindedness and mental agility bring forth further development. Regular lovemaking is highly important for people born as Scorpio sun with Taurus rising as these people cherish being in love very passionately and intensively. Sometimes deep emotions like these cause a strong obsession on their partner, however, and they will cling to a relation that may be long broken down.