Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising | Scorpio Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Ascendant Scorpio: Characteristics and Appearance

A life of many extremes waits for those who are born as Scorpio sun with Scorpio ascendant. While this zodiac proves to be really successful on the job, little success can be seen in their love life. This is predominantly because the other sex, regardless of the gender, either hates or falls in love with the Scorpio sun with Scorpio rising extreme events that can be seen in all relationships of a Scorpio sun with Scorpio ascendant. People who are born as Scorpio sun with Scorpio ascendant are strong detesters of everything that is superficial which may be one of the main reasons why this zodiac makes such an amazing and reliable friend. Those who achieved to make friends with a double Scorpio sign are fortunate. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Life in the middle between two extremes

Literally, an explosive mixture is formed out of the constellation of the Scorpio sun with Scorpio rising. This results in a character being full of concentrated Scorpio traits like great passionate individuals who hurl themselves into life and love with wild energy and the highest ambition, head first. Scorpios with Scorpio ascendant seem to have boundless stamina, thus being able to stay the course even in difficult times, thus staying disciplined. Career-wise this surely leads them up the ladder but in matters of love the outlook will be gloomy for Scorpio sun with Scorpio rising. A relationship between a Scorpio sun with Scorpio man or woman and the other sex is characterized by extreme situations and emotions. As a result, partner-to-be either instantly fall for the Scorpio sun with Scorpio ascendants allurement or do a runner as fast as possible, instantly scared off by their perfectionist character and their doggedness.

Strong emotions

Naturally all the traits of a Scorpio zodiac dominate in the constellation of a Scorpio sun with Scorpio ascendant. It is always all-or-nothing for this individuals. It is therefore that they approach all tasks full-speed and all-in, sometimes leading to doggedness. Furthermore, these people born as Scorpio people with Scorpio ascendant are magnets for others and especially for the opposite sex. This, however, does not mean that they are melting all hearts instantly for sometimes their environment will be utterly abhorred by the aura of Scorpios with Scorpio ascendant. It's safe to say that there will be nothing between falling in love or having a strong aversion against these zodiac constellation. In some cases even hatred may develop. As a partner Scorpios with Scorpio ascendant will be utterly jealous and demanding, thus inevitably great problems are on the agenda. It is definitely not easy to see through the personality of a Scorpio sun with Scorpio ascendant in general. They may surely radiate this strong power once they set their minds to a task but are hard to discourage from this task either. On the whole, it may be said that Scorpios with Scorpio ascendant live very intensely in all spheres of their lives. Their emotional life is profound and very intensive which is why this zodiac strongly detests superficialities. Those who make friends with Scorpios with Scorpio ascendant will get the most loyal companion who throws all in without hesitating if need be.