Scorpio Sun Leo Rising | Scorpio Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

People born as Scorpio with Leo ascendant are known to be deeply intense and passionate. But they can also be incredibly penetrating and will probe until they reach the goals they long aimed at. However, sometimes Scorpio people with Leo rising openly show themselves to be illiberal and, due to the influence the Leo rising has on this mix, to be inclined to grand entries. Towards their partners Scorpio people with Leo ascendant yet are loyal and willing to make their wishes come true provided that they are feeling happy in their relationship and don't get hurt in any way. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Loyal partners

Since Scorpio individuals with Leo rising surely have their problems in dealing with disappointments, people who fall in love with this sign should be on their guards. Independent of the gender, people with Scorpio sun, Leo rising will quickly seek revenge if hurt, because of their exaggerated pride and their characteristic bossiness. Most of the time these craving for revenge is not lived openly but they deal with themselves in private on this issue. Loads of passion and devotion will be on the agenda however when Scorpios with Leo rising are happy in their relationships. In fact, Scorpios with Leo ascendant are never alone for long time owing to their amazing erotic aura. Once they found their harmonious partner and are deeply in love they will be devoted and loyal to death, eagerly fulfilling ever wish of their soulmates .

Determined to achieve great goals

Leos will-power and the toughness that is usually associated with the Scorpio man or woman are brought into contact in people born as Scorpios with Leo ascendant. Thus ideally equipped, the people born in this constellation are out to achieve great things. Additionally they are meant to pursue high ambitious goals personally, with a perseverance and tenacity that sometimes will appear pigheaded and inflexible. Both men and women who are born as Scorpio sun with Leo rising attract attention on account of their bodacious looks. The usual air of amazing self-confidence, displayed by Leo people demonstratively gets more depth and a dash of mystery through the influence of the Scorpio sign. Alongside their craving for power the Scorpio sun with Leo ascendant are in a way oversexed, a trait that controls most of their interpersonal relationships. As already mentioned, people with Scorpio sun and Leo rising with their unique erotic charisma easily seduce their environment with this power. A steady and stable relationship nevertheless is absolutely important for people born in this zodiac where they care a lot for their soulmates provided they are content. Disappointments in matters of love are not easily coped with but taken to heart in private for these people rather withdraw and suffer in silence. It will take some time therefore until they show up again if such has happened. Concededly, they will come back all-out!