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Free daily Chinese Horoscope for Dragon Today

Dragon Horoscope today

Dragon are still living in the past, which is not fair for your partner who deserves a real chance. Stop looking back and comparing all the time. Open up to your mate and show him/her your true feelings today.

Dragon need to be aware that health is a constant work in progress. That's why you should live more consciously and give your body some time to regenerate today.

today Dragon bring quite a number of positive changes for their employer due to the commitment and the motivation they show at work. This attitude will be beneficial for you and for everyone involved.

In search of a new love, you have to keep your eyes open. Happiness can now wait around every corner. But you should also be ready for it and question yourself carefully.

In the near future you will be able to realize yourself very well, because on the one hand you have many good ideas and on the other hand you are quite convincing. Even the finances you have well under control are well prepared for any eventuality.

Don't let the freaked-out behavior of others infect you. You have the right to have fun as a teenager, but everything should stay within bounds. You don't have to be everywhere and you are appreciated by others.

There can be no question of uneventfulness, which you are not comfortable with anyway, even if some change processes are rather subtle and take their time. The family takes you to the limit as a mother. But you can also take a break.

Zodiac sign Dragon: Positive and negative Traits

According to the Chinese Dragon horoscope for today, Dragon sign people are impetuous and wild and tend to detach from reality very easily. At least that's the image that is generally conveyed with regard to this zodiac sign. Dragon people love to think of themselves as being quite popular everywhere and they certainly like to be the center of attention. Part of their daily ritual is to scrutinize the Dragon horoscope of the day, which also implies reading the Chinese Dragon horoscope for today, because in the eyes if the Dragon it can tell him when and how to make a big entrance. The general interest of Dragon sign people for astrological forecasts is also due to the fact that despite their adventurous spirit, they never want to be caught off guard by any turn of events.

Strengths of the Dragon

People who belong to the Dragon sign are very reliable, self-assured and courageous and always try to create justice and harmony in their environment. The typical Dragon personality is extremely charming and optimistic, generous, upright and incorruptible. Their ambitious drive, their vitality and their sharp-mindedness together with their natural authority and their eloquence makes them the perfect fit for leadership tasks. People who are born in the year of the Dragon have the potential to lead big enterprises to success because they identify completely with their work if they can unfold their talents freely. Dragon sign people never quit in their efforts to achieve their goals and so they are always busy clearing the air from potentially bad vibes and removing obstacles from their way. In case they should not succeed with one of their plans because of third parties that are involved in the endeavor, the Dragon will discuss the situation with everyone who is part of the project until he has reached a positive outcome and no one feels bad about the situation anymore.

Weaknesses of the Dragon

Dragon sign people are very active individuals who are on their feet 24/7. As a result, they start to feel restless, nervous and cranky at a certain stage. People who belong to the Dragon sign tend to make up their mind in the blink of an eye, which can be a good thing, but they also tend to pass judgment on their environment just as quickly, which can make it difficult for others to get along with them. In their family life as well as in their job, Dragon sign people need regular timeouts for themselves during which they can take a deep breath and regenerate. If they can't have these me-time intervals, they get frustrated and start fighting with their colleagues and their partners, which can easily escalate and end in a break-up. People who are born in the year of the Dragon are not good at forgiving any hurtful or unjust treatment. Instead, they freeze and completely shut down. If that's the case, any attempt to reason with them or to reconcile is futile. Needless to say that this makes it almost impossible for their environment to clear up possible misunderstandings, which can be especially harmful for a peaceful coexistence with their significant other.