Daily Chinese Horoscope for Dog | Free chinese Horoscope for Today

Free daily Chinese Horoscope for Dog Today

Dog Horoscope today

The stars are smiling down on Dog today and bring them a little peace of mind. Take it easy at your job and do something crazy after work. This will provide you with new energy and vigor.

Dog are very self-confident and therefore they tend to ignore their inner voice persistently, but today yuu would be well advised to start listening. You will soon understand that it's for your own benefit if you do.

It's time for Dog to give themselves some recognition for their good work today. Don't forget that too much ambition generates envy and increases the pressure on yourself.

You will get a clear signal that a positive development is possible in matters of the heart. You have to go through life with your eyes open, otherwise the best opportunities will be missed.

Restrain your temperament, because Fortuna will not be forced. It is not the right time to spend money, although the timing is tempting. Keep your money together, your family and friends will thank you for it.

You are now full of positive energy and others envy you. Share your power and ideas with your friends and family. Together we might be able to do something great.

The family is seeking their advice today. Give them a friendly ear. Especially between mother and child there are a few inconsistencies that need to be cleared up. Don't put it into cold storage.

Zodiac sign Dog: Positive and negative Traits

According to the Chinese Dog horoscope, people who are born in the year of the Dog are extremely kind-hearted and they usually have a large circle of friends, although they don't feel equally close to every one of them. It takes a while for Dog sign people to trust another human being, because due to their good nature they are generally prone to being taken advantage of. And since they usually make it a habit to read the daily Dog horoscope in order to protect themselves against scheming and bullying, it becomes clear why people with this zodiac sign are also keen on the information provided by the Chinese Dog horoscope for today. Dog sign people are prudent and level-headed and like to treat everyone with fairness and so the Chinese Dog horoscope of the day helps them to approach other people with less mistrust.

Strengths of the Dog

Dog sign people are peaceful and calm and always willing to treat other people with fairness and respect. They hate it when someone speaks badly of their loved ones and so their protective instinct makes them defend their people regardless of the validity of the talking. Individuals that are born in the year of the Dog have excellent practical skills and a hands-on mentality and know how to make themselves indispensable everywhere in no time. Dog sign people are also very faithful, loyal, courageous, infinitely reliable and good-natured. Their friends appreciate them as empathetic, honest and conscientious companions who never break their word and who are also very discreet, which makes them even more trustworthy. Dog sign individuals enjoy inspiring and deeply philosophical conversations and therefore feel most comfortable with counterparts that are on the same non-superficial page.

Weaknesses of the Dog

People who belong to the Chinese Dog sign are always busy doing something for someone, which is why they hardly know how to relax. And since they are always on the run, they appear to be restless and stressed out most of the time. Despite their sociable and outgoing nature, Dog sign individuals don't open themselves lightly to other people. So, they do have a large circle of friends and acquaintances, but they don't feel close to most of them. People who are born in the year of the Dog have the same problem in a relationship, which means that they need a lot of time to be able to trust a significant other. The reason for their trust issues lies in their sweet and helpful but also very innocent nature, which makes them prone to being used and taken advantage of. So they try to protect themselves against repeated disappointments by not giving away their trust too easily. As a result, those who suffer most from this attitude are their partners, which is quite unfair because all those previous bad experiences are usually not their fault, but they affect them very directly because the expectations of the suspicious Dog with regard to the relationship can become so high that they are almost impossible to be met.