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Horse Horoscope today

Zodiac sign Horse: Positive and negative Traits

The Chinese Horse horoscope describes people who belong to the Horse sign as famous for their zest for life and their vastly positive energy. Horse sign people are usually very charming and treat their environment with great kindness. In spite of their mainly conservative and traditional attitude, the Chinese horoscope of the day belongs to the daily reads of Horse sign people. Hence, they are also very keen on the information provided by the Chinese Horse horoscope for today, which helps them to control their fiery temper by preparing themselves mentally and physically for the upcoming events of the day, be it good or bad. People in the personal environment of Horse sign individuals are also grateful for the daily Horse horoscope, as it allows their temperamental partners, friends and family members to be more relaxed.

Strengths of the Horse

Individuals that are born in the year of the Horse are kind and charming and very talkative: With these attributes it's clear that they have a large circle of friends and are always welcome in social gatherings of all kinds. In situations where they feel the support and the acceptance of their friends, their club, their colleagues or their families, Horse sign people are at the top of their game. They perform with discipline and commitment and use their sharp brain for the common good and not just for their own benefit. People who belong to the Horse sign are smart, intuitive and empathetic, maybe even telepathic, because they usually know what their counterpart is going to say before he or she has even opened their mouth. Horse sign people are adventurous and they burst with vitality and joy of activity. Despite their cheerful and communicative character, Horse individuals initially are rather shy when it comes to love. But once they have learned to trust the opposite sex, they can be very romantic and passionate.

Weaknesses of the Horse

People who belong to the Horse sign are very energetic and spirited, but also quite hotheaded and impatient. If they feel annoyed by something or someone, their proverbial quick-wittedness and their sense of humor can easily turn into condescension and hurtful tactlessness. Due to their general lack of adaptability, Horse sign people very often spoil their own good chances for success in situations that require more flexibility. Their somewhat volatile character repeatedly lets them lose interest in things, which is why they chronically fail to finish what they started and turn their attention to something new instead. People who are born in the year of the Horse are quite moody and temperamental. They can be laid-back and magnanimous one moment and fussy and envious the next. In certain situations, Horse sign people can be very full of themselves and demanding towards others, whereas in other situations they can be completely modest and low-key. That said, it's near to impossible to tell which state of mind a Horse individual is in at a certain point and how long this will last.