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Free daily Chinese Horoscope for Rooster Today

Rooster Horoscope today

Rooster shouldn't burden themselves with worries today. You are experienced and creative enough to master any problem and to handle any change that might happen in your environment. Just keep your cool and see how things evolve.

Rooster need one day today to tire themselves out completely. The physical activity will be beneficial for you on all levels as it also restores your inner balance and your lust for life. So get off your behind and motivate yourself. It'll be worth it.

today is the time for Rooster to implement a new idea. The stars are aligned for success if you put your plans into action.

It bothers you that other people always give you good advice about love and partnership. If you like life as a single person, make that clear and live by it.

You shouldn't bury your head in the sand unless everything goes according to plan. This can happen and will get better again. The important thing now is to keep a close eye on your finances.

Your friends need you, and you shouldn't keep withdrawing. If something's bothering you, talk about it. You'll see the world looks better after that. A teenager should be happy and not make a sad face.

You are pretty communicative right now. Your willingness to forge links and to emphasise what they have in common is particularly high. If you find the right words, you will contribute significantly to a harmonious atmosphere. You're a mother just the way you want her to be.

Zodiac sign Rooster: Positive and negative Traits

People who are born in the year of the Rooster are described in the Chinese Rooster horoscope as very lively and enthusiastic human beings. Rooster sign people are bubbly and funny and live their lives with courage and self-assurance, but they also have a tendency towards perfectionism. It's for that reason why people with this zodiac sign try to prepare for everything by reading the daily Rooster horoscope every morning, just like they do with the Chinese Rooster horoscope for today. Rooster sign people like to feel backed up by this sort of information, even if it may not be too positive. They prefer to know anyway so that they can get ready for the challenge.

Strengths of the Rooster

People who belong to the Chinese Rooster sign have an inexhaustible energy level which they are always happy to share with others. They are also shrewd and clever and instantly see where their benefit lies in every situation. Once they have committed themselves to a plan, they carry it through with great enthusiasm and a lot of discipline.
Rooster sign people stand by their decisions and are always eager to keep their word in order to be trustworthy and upright. They know no hypocrisy and dishonesty and have nothing to hide but speak their mind very openly, even if it may be uncomfortable and painful for their environment. When things get complicated at work and all the others go frantic, the Rooster keeps calm and takes the lead, which both colleagues and superiors find surprisingly admirable. Hence it doesn't come as a surprise that people who are born in the year of the Rooster usually climb the career ladder fast.

Weaknesses of the Rooster

Rooster sign people enjoy making an entrance, which their environment sometimes finds rather pretentious and boastful. Their impatience and arrogance mainly show in phases of success and especially when they intend to express that others can't live up to their high standards. And while they bask in their own greatness, they tend to forget that life has its ups and downs and that not everyone is as fortunate and successful as they area in that specific moment. So, it would be appropriate to show some more modesty, empathy and tact to avoid making other people feel worthless in their somewhat pompous presence. People who belong to the Rooster sign don't mean to hurt anyone and they don't have bad intentions, but they do have a hard time keeping their pride from getting out of hand and, what's even harder for them, keeping their mouth shut just for once.