Free daily Chinese Horoscope for Tiger Today

Tiger Horoscope today

Tiger tend to engage in endless discussions about every good advice they are given today. This leaves a rather self-involved impression on those who are trying to help and will inevitably lead to alienation between yourself and the others. You need a new attitude which will allow you to accept help without any ifs or buts.

Tiger feel a little worn out and tired today, which is why they should slow down and take some recreation time. Just let your hair down and your mind flow for a while. It'll help you recharge.

Tiger remain calm today, no matter how hectic things get. Your superior takes notice of this useful quality and this will pay off sooner or later.

The stars couldn't be better for love and there are some nice surprises waiting for you. You should look forward to a particularly beautiful evening and an unforgettable night afterwards, which promises a lot of passion. That's what a single life's all about.

Your restlessness can now confidently come to an end. Your avoidance behaviour of bad investments has proven itself enough. Now it's time for courage. If you play poker high and confidently, you will draw the big lot and make a huge financial leap forward.

With cool logic, clear head and quick actions you will now take some steps in your still young life ahead. But you should be careful not to separate yourself from your friends. There's no way you can do without fun.

A positive view of things now makes a lot of things easier for you. You have foresight and strengthened self-confidence. Almost every realistic project can be realised with a positive attitude. Take the opportunity and involve man and child in your considerations.

Zodiac sign Tiger: Positive and negative Traits

According to the Chinese Tiger horoscope for today, Tiger sign people are known for their self-confidence and for their tremendous leadership potential. However, they are also known for banging their first very bluntly on the table if something is bugging them, which, if done with too much disrespect, is very likely to rub their environment the wrong way. Therefore, it is advisable for Tigers to read the Chinese Tiger horoscope for today as well to make sure that they are always ahead of the situation. That said, the daily horoscope for the Tiger can be seen as an everyday inspiration for this colorful zodiac sign.

Strengths of the Tiger

People who belong to the Chinese Tiger sign are brave and self-assured individuals who are well aware of their virtues and flaws. They don't ponder too much on things but rather take initiative and act. Tiger year people are very charismatic and show tremendous leadership potential in all kinds of daily situations. A Tiger can accomplish practically everything because in addition to all his aforementioned strengths, he also has the gift of remaining calm when things get really messy and turning chaos into order. If the Tiger receives appreciation for his courage and his manifold talents, he feels inspired to be even more energetic and efficient. Tiger sign people are usually very eloquent and always know how to assert themselves. Their personality is strong and impulsive but at the same time idealistic and tolerant. Many people look up to them because of their natural leadership qualities and their admirable fearlessness.

Weaknesses of the Tiger

If Tiger sign people are unhappy with a situation, they can show their discontent in a rather blunt, loud and disrespectful manner which other people usually find hard to handle. They also tend to take the support of their personal environment for granted without ever acknowledging their efforts appropriately, which is why it can be quite nerve-wrecking to be around the Tiger sign. Although people with this zodiac sign are never afraid to show their affection openly, they can easily become possessive and demanding, as they expect their significant others and their friends to be unconditionally by their side. It is generally hard to assess the character of Tiger sign people, which is why even intimate friends repeatedly experience a nasty surprise when dealing with this zodiac sign.