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Free daily Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit Today

Rabbit Horoscope today

Little presents keep a friendship alive. today Rabbit should remember that this is true for relationships as well. Your better half deserves more of your time and attention, so you need to give it to him/her. This is very good opportunity to break your routine as a couple and to revitalize your relationship.

today Rabbit don't need to worry if things don't go as planned in the morning. You will see that in the afternoon everything will run smoothly again, so you might consider moving all the important things from AM to PM.

You are waiting anxiously for the desired success to happen these days, but you need to be a little more patient if you want to get the reward you deserve.

You feel great and could tear out trees. You should take advantage of this momentum and energy and do something with it. Go out with friends and have fun. The single life is good for you and who knows, maybe it will soon be over again. The chances of a new love are good.

We can now expect some good news in the near future. This has a particularly financial advantage. Maybe there's a raise waiting for you?

The rebellion phase is just beginning and is usually mild. However, now one tends to sulk and then withdraws very far. This often makes you unapproachable and presents parents and friends with a great challenge.

It is now a bit difficult to reconcile one's own ideas with those of the family. You're not exactly diplomatic either, which of course doesn't make things any easier. You're supposed to know your sheep better as a mother.

Zodiac sign Rabbit: Positive and negative Traits

The Chinese Rabbit horoscope for today describes people with that zodiac sign as very sensitive and insecure characters who need a lot of security and who feel most comfortable in a familiar environment. All the more reason for someone as shy as this sign to see what the Chinese Rabbit horoscope for today has to offer in order to feel more secure in their daily business with the help pf the Chinese horoscope of the day for the Rabbit. However, despite all their shyness, Rabbit sign people usually know what they want and so they use this daily astrological forecast to achieve their goals more successfully.

Strengths of the Rabbit

People who belong to the Chinese Rabbit sign need a lot of security in their lives, which explains why they always prefer a familiar environment to unknown surroundings. Rabbit sign people have a strong sense of justice and are never afraid to stand up for the underprivileged and for minorities. Individuals that are born in the year of the Rabbit appear to be rather shy and contained, but nevertheless they shouldn't be underestimated because they know exactly what they want, even though they have a subtle but strategically clever way of reaching their goals. Hence, Rabbit sign people can be seen as smart, ingenious and very diplomatic individuals who know how to influence their environment discreetly. They are intelligent and kind and thanks to their considerate and prudent character, they don't get overwhelmed when it comes to solving a serious problem. People who belong to the Rabbit sign are always eager to create an idyllic world of their own where they can be themselves and recharge their batteries. Rabbit people are loyal and altruistic and never let their friends down. They give genuine comfort and take care of everyone who needs their help without thinking it twice.

Weaknesses of the Rabbit

Rabbit sign people are extremely sensitive and thin-skinned, which explains their sometimes-unstable behavior. There are times when they act seemingly cold and distant, but the very next moment they return to being hospitable and warm, which can be quite confusing for their environment, as it is hard for them to foresee which mood their Rabbit friends are in. Their selfless pursuit of justice for underprivileged people can absorb them to an extent that inevitable triggers frustration, which happens when they realize that the people they advocated for have been taking advantage of their altruistic attitude. People who are born in the year of the Rabbit don't enjoy digging too deep into things, which sometimes is interpreted by others as a slightly superficial behavior. However, it's easy for a Rabbit to make up for that flaw by treating his environment with kindness and benevolence.