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Free daily Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit Today

Rabbit Horoscope today

No sign is more passionate than Rabbit today. With that drive you can raise a storm with the magnitude of a hurricane. Your vigor is absolutely remarkable, but it's not surprising that being madly in love like you are unleashes a lot of energy.

Rabbit are getting spoiled like crazy by the stars today. Don't let that opportunity pass you by. Use it in your favor to come out of your shell and to show who you are.

today is an ideal time for Rabbit to close new deals. The stars are good for new business.

As a single you now enjoy a high level of attention and captivate with your charm. This has a very positive effect on your state of mind and you gain self-confidence. But don't hide away at home and take the opportunity and go among people.

You can do a lot with commitment and courage. This also applies to your own finances, even if you are not really bedded on roses at the moment. Simply act with a little more foresight and then achieve success.

You're making it very difficult for your parents right now. Somehow, they can't even get to you. And you could really use her advice. Because your friends aren't always right.

One thing has become boring and you don't know how to deal with it. Very simple: stand by your word and live up to your role as a mother again. Your family needs you and that more than ever.

Zodiac sign Rabbit: Positive and negative Traits

The Chinese Rabbit horoscope for today describes people with that zodiac sign as very sensitive and insecure characters who need a lot of security and who feel most comfortable in a familiar environment. All the more reason for someone as shy as this sign to see what the Chinese Rabbit horoscope for today has to offer in order to feel more secure in their daily business with the help pf the Chinese horoscope of the day for the Rabbit. However, despite all their shyness, Rabbit sign people usually know what they want and so they use this daily astrological forecast to achieve their goals more successfully.

Strengths of the Rabbit

People who belong to the Chinese Rabbit sign need a lot of security in their lives, which explains why they always prefer a familiar environment to unknown surroundings. Rabbit sign people have a strong sense of justice and are never afraid to stand up for the underprivileged and for minorities. Individuals that are born in the year of the Rabbit appear to be rather shy and contained, but nevertheless they shouldn't be underestimated because they know exactly what they want, even though they have a subtle but strategically clever way of reaching their goals. Hence, Rabbit sign people can be seen as smart, ingenious and very diplomatic individuals who know how to influence their environment discreetly. They are intelligent and kind and thanks to their considerate and prudent character, they don't get overwhelmed when it comes to solving a serious problem. People who belong to the Rabbit sign are always eager to create an idyllic world of their own where they can be themselves and recharge their batteries. Rabbit people are loyal and altruistic and never let their friends down. They give genuine comfort and take care of everyone who needs their help without thinking it twice.

Weaknesses of the Rabbit

Rabbit sign people are extremely sensitive and thin-skinned, which explains their sometimes-unstable behavior. There are times when they act seemingly cold and distant, but the very next moment they return to being hospitable and warm, which can be quite confusing for their environment, as it is hard for them to foresee which mood their Rabbit friends are in. Their selfless pursuit of justice for underprivileged people can absorb them to an extent that inevitable triggers frustration, which happens when they realize that the people they advocated for have been taking advantage of their altruistic attitude. People who are born in the year of the Rabbit don't enjoy digging too deep into things, which sometimes is interpreted by others as a slightly superficial behavior. However, it's easy for a Rabbit to make up for that flaw by treating his environment with kindness and benevolence.