Libra Sun Pisces Rising | Libra Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics and Appearance

People born in Libra with Pisces rising really celebrate the fine things in life because luxury is the key phrase to this sign. Thus, art and culture enthrall them as much as good food and whine. A Libra man or woman with Pisces rising tends to be quite romantic, and cherishes his or her emotions towards others. As a result, people born in Libra with Pisces ascendant can be bitterly disappointed in matters of love. Therefore, they have a great need to take time out alone and away until their wounds are healed.
Thankfully, Libras outgoing character and the given curiosity in the end always pull them back out of their self-chosen solitude. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Lovers of arts and culture

A Libra sun with Pisces rising has a great fondness for luxury and the finer things in life. Consequently, people with this astrological sign really love to eat and drink. Aside from that, good-looking representatives of the opposite sex are examined closely. People born with this astrological chart seem to blossom once they have met their soul mate, feeling safe in an intimate relationship. Love and empathy are essential for them, often leading to a life-long connection where both partners lives will be enriched. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for a Libra with Pisces ascendant to choose being an artist for a living, since they are much into art – a profession that really suits their needs.

Romantic and delicate

In the combination of the Libra sun with the Pisces ascendant two highly romantic and delicate character traits come together, for although on the one hand Libra people tend to be very easy-going and even hedonistic at times, on the other hand they present themselves as downright delicate which can be traced back to the influence of the Pisces ascendant. People born in Libra with Pisces rising only perchance know what they want to achieve in life as they are primarily driven by uncanny feelings of some sort of vague longing. Sometimes dissolving with pity for others, they preferably would like to save the whole world. In search of their soul mate a Libra with Pisces ascendant continually will have to face frustrations because others will only be too happy to impose on their delicacy and empathy. Thus hurt, people born in Libra with Pisces ascendant again and again retreat into solitude nursing their wounds.
But Libra man or woman wouldn’t be Libra man or woman without leaving their hermits cave to contact the outside world again eventually. People with sun in this sign will have to make sure that their inclination to self-indulgence does not evolve into further addiction. They sadly lack the discipline to be immune to such temptations which is why they should work on themselves to manage their indecision.