Libra Sun Taurus Rising | Libra Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

The air sign Libra is combined with the earth sign Taurus in the Libra sun with Taurus ascendant. Great charm and amazing amiability are characteristics that define people who are born in this constellation. These people really know how to enjoy life to the full and preferably enjoy in company. Making new friends and meeting people from all parts of the world is thus essential for those who are born in this astrological constellation. Concededly, people with sun in Libra, Taurus ascendant should take care not to forget everything in the course of their self-indulgence. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Strong characters

When the Libra sun is united with a Taurus ascendant; strong characters and outstanding personalities are the outcome. The earth and the air element unite in Libra sun with Taurus ascendant, creating people who are amazingly amiable and charming. Libra's character traits are thus enhanced further through the influence of the Taurus rising. Therefore, it is really easy for these people to make friends and meet new acquaintances, because, due to their sociable nature, they easily win people over. Surrounded by friends and family, the Libra sun with Taurus ascendant feels best for they are constantly looking for people who share their views. Generally, Taurus born man or woman are stay-at-home personalities, enjoying being in their own spaces comfortably on the sofa. But in this special astrological combination Libra's influence dominates the characters, thus life becomes more turbulent and exciting than Taurus born people are used to. The Libra sun with Taurus ascendant can therefore be seen as really advantageous in life.

Charm and naturalness are a name and a program

In the constellation of the Libra sun with Taurus ascendant Libras charming and friendly personality meets Taurus naturalness. As Libra's are great lovers of elegant things, their demeanor will be full of aesthetics. When Libra and Taurus characteristics come together, though, their combined personal forces are only occasionally presented in all their fascinating dimensions. Both signs are dominated by planet Venus and are therefore meant to be artistically skilled, as these people have deep emotions and display a great variation of feelings. Good wining and dining, a cozy home and a comfortable ambiance as well as love of nature are highly valued by these people. Their intuitive behavior as well as their skillful demeanor and their nature-given charm win others easily over. Quite often these people are really beautiful by nature, a gift they nurture a lot. Sometimes, however, even people born as Libra sun with Taurus rising, regardless of their gender, are inclined to enjoy all sorts of delights. As a consequence they sometimes lack the energy and willingness to work. On the contrast, Libra sun with Taurus rising is very energetic about their relationships, their mates and friends, subordinating other tasks in their lives. They are amiable and loyal partners who would do anything for their soulmate. Mates should keep an eye on not hurting or misusing this emotions.