Libra Sun Aquarius Rising | Libra Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Libra sun, Aquarius rising are unique and lively. Furthermore, Libras with Aquarius ascendant display a wide range of great ideas and are known to have a good grasp. On the whole, the connection between Libra, as an air sign and Aquarius, a sign strongly connected to the air element as well, is really harmonious and perfectly combined. Uniting the liberty of mind with artistic ideas, this combination of zodiac signs creates interesting and attractive personalities. Both men and women who are born as Libra sun with Aquarius ascendant can't really complain about not being admired enough even if finding the right soul mate could be difficult now and then. But learn more about their characteristics now.

The desire to explore something new

Libras with Aquarius man or woman gather always plenty of admirers around as this astrological combination combines two highly charming astrological personalities. In love-matters and relationships, however, this charm very often cannot be maintained, because neither the Libra sun nor the Aquarius rising seems to be made for a long-term relation. It is the volatile way and the urge for something new that characterizes the Libra sun with Aquarius ascendant. Thus, they unsettle their partners with this inconstancy whenever they have different views on the relationship. Both men and women of the Libra sun with Aquarius ascendant should therefore keep an eye on sharing their emotions and thoughts with their loved, if they feel serious about a relationship, in order to make themselves understandable. Once they obey these simply rules of conduct and find a partner with good intuition, their bonding will really work.

People with special talents

Two zodiac signs that are connected closely to the air element are combined ideally in the Libra sun with Aquarius rising. Aquarius' authenticity meets Libra's lively way and thus reveals special talents in these people. Born in this constellation, these characters are full of ideas generally and have a good grasp. This is a totally harmonious constellation with a deep interest in arts with very liberal thinking. People with sun in Libra, Aquarius ascendant are original characters with a lot of charm who are simply brim-full of new ideas and plans. Friends matter a lot in the lives of the Libra sun with Aquarius ascendant. Thus, it may happen, that they prefer their friends to their relationships. Or spoken in a different way, friendships have some kind of substitute function for the Libra sun with Aquarius ascendant as the influence of the independent Aquarius rising often complicates deep emotional bindings in this constellation. It is true, however, that both signs, the Aquarius rising as well as the Libra sun, can't really express deep emotionality without complications which is why all Libras with Aquarius man or woman live complicated relationships. Jumpy and unreliable, the Libra sun with Aquarius ascendant present themselves as quite disturbing characters. They quickly turn to something new and forget about all their plans, if the realization takes them too long or becomes too complicated, although they may burst of ideas and plans. Due to this instability, the Libra sun with Aquarius ascendant does not leave a particular good impression in many places but if criticism is replaced by open support, these people will truly cling to the original plan.