Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising | Libra Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics and Appearance

Quite extraordinary persons come out of the combination of the Libra sun with Sagittarius rising. Such is the special combination which arises when the traits of the Libra sign meet the skills of Sagittarius rising. Deep in their heart the Libra sun with Sagittarius rising stay realist although they happily risk the temptations of life and especially that of luxury thus losing sight of the essentials now and again. It is important to evoke Libra people with Sagittarius ascendant to care about the well-being of those people who do not enjoy the same standard of living. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Easily seduced through life

Normally, Libras with Sagittarius ascendant form characters with numerous positive skills.
Libras with Sagittarius rising should keep in mind not to be keen on their own profit exclusively but to give a thought now and then on the well-being of others. Libras with Sagittarius rising are by nature idealist people who search for the best of all paths and the best solutions in life. But there is nevertheless a constant risk that they fall for the seducing effects of a life in luxury. Libra should therefore use their sense of justice, provided by the Sagittarius ascendant and thus try to stand up for other peoples' needs and problems. In a relationship, the Libra with Sagittarius ascendant virtually insists on being able to live the freedom they need. A basic mistake would be to frustrate them. That doesn’t mean that people born in this zodiac constellation can not be faithful for indeed precisely the opposite is the case. Libras with Sagittarius man or woman simply love getting in contact with others or experiencing the change but they will nevertheless fulfill the obligations they owe their partners.

Diplomatic skills

In the constellation of the Libra sun, Sagittarius ascendant Libras cheerful heart is complemented in an ideal way with Sagittarius ability to expand their minds in all directions. Though, Libras with Sagittarius ascendant have a fundamentally positive philosophy, pursuing a lifestyle that provides nearly everything. In general, this combination of zodiacs remains advantageous and brings forth personalities who have wide interests and who are furthermore really charming and open-minded characters. In addition they are gifted with extraordinary mental skills. If all their talents are lived positively people born as Libra with Sagittarius ascendant can not only rely on their diplomatic skills and the balancing influence of the Libra sign but also draw strength out of the idealistic striving for high aims characteristic for the Sagittarius. As they are literally the guardians of moral in their best form, they have a pronounced sense of justice and at the same time display a secure and convincing manner that places others on the right track. Journeys play a key part in the lives of Libra people with Sagittarius ascendant for they love to be on the road the longer and farer the better. Less idealistic specimen born in this astrological combination are only interested in luxury and money and have hypocritical ideals on morality, playing their part as supermen convincingly but they know better all the time, arguing with their environment.