Libra Sun Virgo Rising | Libra Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Virgo: Characteristics and Appearance

People born with sun in Libra Virgo ascendant make excellent bystanders for they abhor standing in the limelight. Doing important background work is what they are best in since they work hard and reliable. A Libra with Virgo rising is always on the go when asked for help. Achieving the best for all parties involved this sign is highly sympathetic. Sometimes, they can be unbalanced, taxing their friend's patience and complicating living or working with them. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Accessible and reliable

It is Virgos sobriety that is combined with Libras cheerfulness in the combination of the Libra sun with Virgo ascendant. Their influence puts a strong damper on Libras natural lightheartedness. Nevertheless, people born in this constellation are prone to show great concern for the woes of others. When the Libra sun collides with the Virgo rising they are blesses with health, vitality and agility until they reach old age. All in all, balance is the keyword for a Libra with Virgo ascendant. On top of their good taste, theses people present an affinity to be tidy thus they’re considered to be exceptionally coherent and reliable. Libras absolutely love to make new friends but in this combination Virgos reservedness hinders their lightheartedness and ease.
A Libra with Virgo rising swings between being emotional on the one hand and being calculating on the other – a conflict inherent in all representatives of this astrological combination.

Reluctant to be in the center of attention

Actually, Libra man or woman with Virgo rising really only expect the best for themselves and others. Helpful as they are, they will be always on the spot when needed. However, reluctant to taking the stage a Libra sun with Virgo rising is an excellent co-worker. This does not mean that praise and acknowledgment won't be appreciated, only they don't expect that. As companions a Libra with Virgo ascendant may be influential and manipulative to the point of being patronizing. Many of their relationships are therefore short-lived. Yet, people born with this astrological chart quickly find another companion. Regardless of their gender, a Libra man or woman with Virgo rising may have an unbalanced personality due to the fight that goes on between Virgos realistic and Libras idealistic nature. Although on an unconscious level this fight would challenge every relationship.