Libra Sun Libra Rising | Libra Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Libra sun with Libra ascendant are very friendly and charming in general as all traits of a Libra sign are doubled in this constellation. This is why Librans with Libra rising hate being on their own, thus preferring being surrounded by others. Due to their charming personality a Libra sun with Libra ascendant easily makes new friends, constantly expanding their circle of acquaintances. Good manners are essential for this sign who abhors vulgar and coarse behavior. Thus, Librans with Libra rising surely have some problems communicating what they really want because they are always afraid of being left behind. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Artistic disposition

When the Libra sun meets a Libra rising, Libras typical character traits will be highlighted in the combination. This becomes visible as well in their very essence as in their looks which is why their environment instantly knows whom they are talking to. Even if the Libra sun with Libra ascendant may seem a little undecided now and then, these people will always display a friendly and amiable attitude to others. Thanks to their nature-given charm and their sociability, the Libra sun with Libra ascendant loves making new friends and getting in contact with others. They love to keep a sophisticated contact and always display their good manners and therefore will never disgrace themselves. Coarse and vulgar behavior is abhorred, their reaction being extremely sensitive when they get in contact with such persons. Deeply indulged in flirtations, Libra sun with Libra ascendant are nevertheless able to love platonically. Often artistically talented, people who are born in this constellation furnish their home tastefully and elegant, thus, a dreamy and overly unconventional style will not be found with these people. The double Libra is a relationship character but needs a lot of attention and encouragement from their mates. These individuals will manipulate cleverly if they won't get this recognition right away as these people are not the compromising or willingly reducing personalities, despite their friendly, balancing characters.

Never alone

Libras man or woman with Libra rising are great lovers of stable relationships and they do a lot to secure their bondings because of their fear of being on their own. In contrast, stability and perseverance are not among their positive traits, which is why these people quite often hurl themselves from superficial interlude to superficial interlude and therefore never or really late in life meet true love and establish a solid relationship. But, strictly speaking, there is no need for the Libra sun with Libra ascendant to be afraid of being alone, regardless of their gender, because with their open-minded, sunny and adaptable characters this sign is usually very much liked. This is why they manage to rally people at their side, gaining their support. As the Libra sun with Libra rising generally is afraid of losing friends and acquaintances, they have great difficulties in communicating what they really want. Thus, they rather stay silent, keeping their inner needs private than risking their popularity.