Libra Sun Cancer Rising | Libra Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics and Appearance

As a special and distinctive characteristic, people born as Libras with Cancer ascendant are driven by feelings and the longing for peace and harmony. They are never interested in any quarrels and avoid discussions. In the majority of cases they will even take the role of the mediating person if people start arguing in their environment or they try to pour oil on troubled water. Libra individuals with Cancer ascendant are amazingly gifted artists and the unique way they cherish art is extremely pronounced. However, all people who are born in this astrological combination often suffer from severe inner tensions for some of the contributing character traits of this astrological combination are inconsistent with one another. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Dodging arguments and discussions

When the zodiac sign of Libra is interlinked with Cancer rising the distinct need for harmony of the Libra meets Cancers delicacy. Thus Libra man or woman with Cancer rising are emotional and loving individuals who can be very sensitive at times. Due to their cooperative style the Libra with Cancer rising who avoids arguments and discussions whenever possible, often functions as mediator. This sign tends to act intuitively taking decisions according to instinct. So, they expect their environment to be understanding. Those who want to associate with Libra sun, Cancer ascendant harmoniously and successfully should therefore bring along a lot of empathy for people born in this astrological combination as they on the one hand constantly may feel the urge to build a cozy home and on the other hand long for social acceptance and publicity.

Pronounced artistic talent

With the Libra sun and Cancer rising, two zodiac signs are united that truly lack the will to be pugnacious. Moreover, Libras pursuit of harmony comes together with Cancers sensitive disposition thus creating soft and emotional individuals. However, there are some aspects that contradict eachother in Libras with Cancer ascendant so that inner tensions may arise.
One notable feature is the antagonism between the wish to retreat, predominant in Cancer, and Libras inclination to achieve social or public attention. Artistic talent is another important trait in Libras with Cancer ascendant, regardless of their gender. On the whole, these people can be described as gentle, dovish and attentive individuals who are mainly driven by the force of their emotions. They are inclined to act or decide intuitively rather than rationally. A basic weakness may be their highlighted sensitivity but also a certain narcissism as well as their apparent moodiness.
In relationship matters these people need a lot of affection and tenderness. As far as affairs or relationships (which are important to them) are concerned Libras with Cancer rising should match with a companion who has a fairly thick skin able to endure a lot for they expect their partners to provide maximum understanding. As companions Libras with Cancer ascendant will certainly challenge their partners through their inconsistent nature.