Libra Sun Gemini Rising | Libra Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics and Appearance

In the combination of the Libra sun with Gemini rising characters are formed who are very open-minded and prefer the society of others which is why they are more than welcome in any round. Although Libras with Gemini ascendant don't push to the fore, they are part of any conversation and prove a keen sense of tact and style. Culture is highly important for these people who find their topics of discussion especially in this field. When the Libra and the Gemini sign are combined, they create a unity of emotion and mind in the persons who are particularly lovely and charming characters. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Silence does no harm sometimes

One of the most obvious character traits of the Libra sign is undoubtedly their amazing openness to life and their ability to fit into their environment with ease. The Gemini rising adds more of the air element to this combination, which results in more sociability, although the Gemini sign will be more driven by their minds than the Libra man or woman. A good conversation with amiable people is appreciated by the Libra sun with Gemini rising. In addition, they cherish cultural delights while they manage to behave in a pleasantly reserved manner but also very stylistically confident. Both men and women of the Libra sun with Gemini ascendant are very welcome guests at every feast or party. They should nevertheless be careful not to start too many different conversations and only listen to others sometimes, because otherwise it could happen that their environment thinks the Libra sun with Gemini ascendant to be superficial and inattentive.

Brainpower meets emotions

Two signs of the air element are combined in the Libra sun with Gemini ascendant which is why these people who are born in this special constellation expect their environment to share their passion for conversation. Thus, the open-minded character of the Libra sun unites very well with the intellect of the Gemini ascendant. Libra individuals with Gemini ascendant are very sociable and need dealing with other people like the air that they breathe. Their ability to walk fleet-footed and express themselves well characterizes the people who are born in this astrological combination as they are in general very intelligent people and true personalities, regardless of all the airy lightness that surrounds their personality. A lot of things seem to fall into their laps as they are never seen to be stressed or in a rush. Thanks to their eloquence, they are good at presenting themselves with their balanced and mediating character and thus find complete expression especially in the company of others. This is undeniably their greatest strength. Deep emotions come naturally to the Libra people with Gemini rising although they don't express them openly. Furthermore, they can rely on their intellect in every situation. It is thus that their careers are supported by the many contacts and acquaintances they have made. Most of the representatives of this astrological combination are positive characters who do not only think of themselves but willingly help others. Due to their amazing charm the Libra sun with Gemini ascendant is able to win over nearly everyone but there are also some negative aspects in these sign, regardless of all this charming attributes. It is only in a few people of that astrological combination that the negative parts of their character surface but in these people superficiality, opportunism, egoism, calculation and moral instability are especially pronounced. Bright lights cast dark shadows.