Libra Sun Leo Rising | Libra Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Libra Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

With their natural love for people Libras with Leo rising are best in relationships-This, however, does not mean relationships will be easy with the Libra sun with Leo ascendant for there are many obstacles to overcome first. There will be the high ideals of these persons others have to comply with first. Libra people with Leo ascendant cherish life using all their senses to enjoy this to the full. They are generally really friendly companions who easily make new friends. It is part of their charismatic aura that a Libra with Leo man or woman gathers friends around them and have a lot of acquaintances. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Relationships matter

As a soulmate a Virgo sun with Leo ascendant is at his/her best. This , however, does not mean that they are easy to handle in a relationship. A lot of work will be on the agenda first. Part of the Libra individual with Leo ascendant is deeply affectionate and sensitive but on the contrary they have high ideals regarding their partners. As soon as their partners do miss to express openly deep affection and admiration the Libra sun with Leo ascendant is easily distressed, regardless of the persons sex. It may therefore happen that the Libra with Leo ascendant abruptly ends their partnership. However, if people born as Libra sun with Leo ascendant feel happy and content, they love to show this feelings openly. In this case it is not uncommon that their environment observes this with a jaundiced eye. Surely, the Libra sun with Leo rising has some educational skills and knows how to use them. This can be traced back to Leos part in their personality for they generally have a good rapport with children whereas the Libra sun has an amazing talent for relationships.

Relationships are important but complicated

When the Libra sign in combined with the Leo rising, the creative powers of the Leo zodiac are united with Libras preference for all that is beautiful and elegant. Libra people with Leo rising enjoy and cherish life with all senses. Since people born in this zodiac are friendly and courteous individuals, their artistic and educational skills create great interest in philosophic issues. It comes easy to the Libra sun with Leo ascendant to make friends because they only have to use their gentleness in this. Regardless of their gender, all people born as Libra with Leo ascendant benefit greatly from their beautiful and impressive outline. On the minus side their outsized vanity and self-confidence may create disharmony on account of their complacency. Moreover, sometimes Libra individuals with Leo ascendant show the willingness to unnecessary luxury and hedonism will be on the agenda. But on the whole, these people can be called sophisticated who bring so much joy into the lives of others. This is not done, however, out of pure altruism though but to put themselves in perspective. Relationships are highlights in the lives of people born as Libra sun with Leo ascendant but such bindings bring along a lot of difficulties as well. On the one hand this zodiac loves to be emotional in interaction with their partners and additionally their emotions are laid open. On the other hand, a certain amount of recognition is always on demand due to their narcissistic tendencies.