Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising | Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Characteristics and Appearance

People with the sun in Pisces and an Aquarius rising must be called with a clear conscience more than chaotic. As never reliable persons, these people are really unbearable as partners. People who are born as Pisces sun with Aquarius ascendant are only occasionally understood by their environment as they puzzle them with their behavior again and again. Additionally, there is a constant contradiction on the agenda when the Pisces sun with Aquarius ascendant continuously steals the limelight although they really lack the self-confidence. Altogether, a mix arises out of both signs that is not always smooth and full of harmony, but which makes dealing with them not always easy. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Unreliable as partners

Determination and stamina are unfamiliar concepts for the people born as Pisces man or woman with Aquarius ascendant. It is therefore not an exaggeration to say that these people are true anarchists. Pisceans with Aquarius ascendant lack the necessary stamina and purposefulness to make use of their varied talents and special gifts. In love matters the chaotic attitude can be perceived in a certain unreliability of the Pisces sun with Aquarius ascendant. This leads to severe difficulties because there are few people who are willing to live with a mate they can't rely on. This astrological combination lacks the the discipline, sense of responsibility and the ability to keep their feet firmly on the ground from both contributing zodiacs signs. It is not out of question that these individuals could learn all those things,but it would take time overcoming these hardships in order to adopt these traits so foreign to their nature. It is important to mention, however, that Pisceans with Aquarius ascendant can always rely on their own intuition which helps to do the right thing quite often despite their inconstancy.

Almost no stamina and discipline

The connection between the Pisces sun and the Aquarius ascendant is far from being simple. Quite often Pisceans with Aquarius ascendants behavior will be not easy to grasp for their environment as there seems to be no logic behind. Pisces' typical introversion and modesty are pushed back in the astrological combination of the Pisces sun with the Aquarius rising by their innate ego-centered attitude and their desire to attract attention. This results in these people being constantly in the center of attention. Thus, their self-consciousness is characterized by strong fluctuations. At certain times of the day they are really conscious of themselves and at other times it seems as if they have little or no self-assurance at all. Accordingly, their lives are as chaotic and bizarre as their mental state is varied. Thus, they really need a certain structure, discipline and a well-ordered life in order not to perish. And towards their partners and others the Pisces sun with Aquarius ascendant should learn how important it is to be reliable and to assume responsibility as others often feel they have been abandoned and therefore lose faith in their unreliable partners. Their originality, however, is great in creative actions or other areas of life but they should really spare their relationships from this if they are interested in a permanent relation.