Pisces Sun Libra Rising | Pisces Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Pisces Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born as Pisces sun with Libra ascendant are very romantic and have a strong longing for harmony. This is why they put high priority to their personal relations. Pisceans with Libra ascendant are very popular and usually can be seen as the good spirit of the group. But the Pisces sun with Libra man or woman also has an inclination to be overly perfect, thus complicating living or dealing with them. Driven by their romantic side, these people are on a lifelong search for their soul mate, which is why they have to face really bitter disappointments throughout their lives. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Disposition toward being perfect

Great romanticists come out of the combination of the Pisces sun with Libra ascendant, regardless of their gender. In fact, Pisceans with Libra ascendant attach great value to relationships with mates who have similar interests which is why they seem to flourish with the right person at their side. Relationships should therefore be full of love and compassion in the eyes of the Pisces sun with Libra ascendant. Among their friends, they usually are responsible for the well-being of the others, ensuring that everybody is fine and comfortable and everything is clean and cozy. They are surely the ones everybody else relies on, thus functioning as the good spirit of the group. Unfortunately, Pisceans with Libra ascendant have high expectations and an inclination to perfectionism, thus making it difficult for their environment to live with them. Their pursuit of order, beauty and perfection may therefore easily develop into an obsession.

Often disappointed in life

In the combination of the Pisces sun with Libra ascendant the emotional traits of the Pisces sun collide with Libra's sensitive traits. This is why these people are inspired by the longing for their ability to handle their environment with care. They show great compassion to everyone around them and would preferably save the whole world. Emotions are therefore the keyword for this astrological constellation. Pisceans with Libra ascendant are soft and romantic characters and full of undefined longing. In search of their soul mate they will therefore face a lot of disappointing situations, thus they are sometimes left alone in isolation and loneliness. There are, however, periods in their lives, when these people are full of sociability and want to make new friends, due to the influence of the Libra rising. Their skills in all fields of art are really remarkable, which is why many people born as Pisces sun with Libra ascendant even seek careers in this field. Most danger can be seen in their outsized delightfulness which may easily lead to addiction in various areas. In order to get ahead personally, people in this constellation have to acquire a certain discipline that they only obtain with difficulty.