Pisces Sun Leo Rising | Pisces Ascendant Leo: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Pisces Ascendant Leo: Characteristics and Appearance

People born as Pisces man or woman with Leo rising can predominantly be characterized from the profound imbalances they carry inside. As a result, Pisces sun people with Leo ascendant are constantly confronted with inner contradictions which cause serious problems not only for their environment but also in their own lives. It is hence an ongoing task in the lives of people born as Pisces sun with Leo ascendant to make ever endeavor to achieve meaningfulness and realism. It is important for them to learn how to deal with their inner contradictions as this will be the only way to give their lives a new twist. The good thing is that they certainly don't lack the necessary self-confidence due to the influence of the Leo rising. But learn more about their characteristics now.

An exemplary plan of ambivalence

Deep inside of the people born as Pisces sun with Leo ascendant there are highly sensitive individuals who are easily hurt. This is why they are almost hooked on harmony and often don't get along in relationships that are fraught with conflict. People who are born in this astrological combination with Pisces sun and Leo rising have to manage in any way to find the common denominator between their soft, sensitive aspects and the target realism and idealism of their personality. This is far easier said than done, however. It is particularly this inner strive in people born as Pisces sun with Leo rising that is perceived as an energetic erotic aura by the other sex, and this often appears in everyday situations to both men and women. In love relationships they unfortunately often tend to revert to the old ways of their inner strive. On the one hand there is the powerful Leo the Lion trying to avoid being bamboozled and at the same time voicing an opinion with pride and on the other hand the affectionate Pisces surfaces who desires devotion and merging. If only the Pisces sun with Leo ascendant succeeds in dealing with these inner conflicts, love matters will turn for the better.

Torn personality

When the Pisces sun collides with the Leo ascendant two striking contrasts are brought together thus creating huge inner strives in those who are born in this astrological constellation. As a result this zodiac suffers from severe problems. There's Leo the Lion with the powerful will full of self-confidence and on the opposite stands Pisces, soft and passive in all their actions, always willing to withdraw into never-never-land. These two opposite character traits have to be dealt with thus people with sun in Pisces man or woman, Leo ascendant constantly live through anything but a walk in the park. Leos self-confidence thwarts Pisces selflessness, which is why these people feel most of the time unbalanced. Their self-consciousness should not be underestimated for these are individuals born in the Pisces zodiac who surely have their special kind of how to react when faced with challenges. With problems on the agenda, their torn personality surfaces which is not easy to be dealt with. Pisceans with Leo ascendant possess a subtle authority which enables leading people with savoir faire. They are nevertheless able to take strong action presenting their most self-centered character traits. They are, however, highly sensitive individuals who compete for staying in reality and meaningfulness throughout their lives.