Pisces Sun Cancer Rising | Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Characteristics and Appearance

All Pisceans with Cancer rising are amiable and thoroughly friendly people. Most of all their feelings are particularly pronounced in people born as Pisces with Cancer rising, but they nevertheless keep a low profile in displaying their feelings. Pisceans with Cancer ascendant yet also are dreamers who ever so often retreat into never-never-land thus losing sight of what is important in everyday life.
In their behavior they are almost exclusively driven by their instincts. Rationality isn't a concept that comes easily to persons with this zodiac constellation, which creates many disappointments. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Losing sight of their own aims in life

With two water signs united astrologically, Pisceans with Cancer ascendant strongly rely on their emotions. They will ever listen carefully to their hearts when making decisions are on the agenda. Rational thinking is not easy for this sign. Pisceans man or woman with Cancer rising tend to dive into imaginary worlds while risking to get lost.
They are the true dreamers of all zodiac signs and seek their fulfillment in these imaginary worlds. It is as well an enrichment as a stumbling block in the lives of those who are born in this astrological constellation that Pisceans with Cancer rising succeed in escaping to their private world eyes wide open. It may happen, however, that they ignore reality. Regardless of the gender, Pisceans with Cancer ascendant are equally hated and loved by their friends for their dreaminess. Being thoroughly amiable characters their constant escaping reality will mislead them probably thus losing sight of reality and their life's aims. However, targets are usually set low whereas Pisceans with Cancer ascendant only come to action when it is unavoidable.

Creativity and fantasy

Both signs, Pisces and Cancer, are closely related to the water element which becomes obvious in the emotional depth of these people. Alongside their reserved nature, thus strong impulse may be hidden in Pisceans with Cancer ascendant. People born in this astrological combination are not likely to be leaders which means that usually career-matters are rather unimportant and their aims are low. Being often dreamy, they tend to lose grip on reality. As aggression is only aroused as the last option, people born as Pisces with Cancer rising are seen to be devoted and kindhearted and thoroughly benevolent to their environment. Their actions are quite dominated by instinct, therefore all that is going on will be understood intuitively. It is their strong subconscious that is responsible for the creative fantasy of Pisceans with Cancer ascendant. Quite a few people with this zodiac constellation seek careers in esotericism, experimenting with fortunetelling and the like to find fulfillment. As a consequence these people can feel lost when confronted with harsh reality and everyday life for they are highly sensitive and vulnerable. Yet, for the most part Pisceans with Cancer rising don't give money too much thought which is why they are content most of the time and they don't mind leading a simple and introverted, life. As a companion people with Pisces sun, Cancer rising are exceptionally giving and loving.