Pisces Sun Sagittarius Rising | Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics and Appearance

High ideals are essential for people born as Pisces sun, Sagittarius ascendant for they will never give up on fighting for a better world. Pisceans with Sagittarius ascendant will be misconceived very often which causes severe difficulties in finding a soulmate. This happens basically because Pisceans with Sagittarius ascendant are misunderstood as dreamers and thus judged as not very serious people but in fact they are the most wonderful and loyal friend. Attention and devotion are key and once these are given this sign will open up trustfully. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Great expectations on their partner

Life is not always easy for people who are born as Pisceans with Sagittarius ascendant for only few others get to know how to deal with them. Rule is, that they are labeled as hopeless dreamers who should not be taken seriously. On taking a second look however, Pisces with Sagittarius ascendant will be detected as true and loyal friends who are worth the effort. It is important though to engage oneself with these emotional beings, for both men and women are not easy to win over. Love is where most Pisceans with Sagittarius rising feel extremely torn. They long for a lasting relationship but meet a lot of obstacles in finding an adequate partner who meets their standards whilst being able to accept their peculiarities.

A lot of understanding is key

It is all about the high ideals because Pisceans with Sagittarius man or woman strive for decency and humanitarian goals and fight forever for a better world. This attitude is strongly supported by Sagittarius dynamic as well as Pisceans empathy and broad tolerance. Whenever the zodiacs of Pisces sun and Sagittarius ascendant are combined idealistic and dreamy personalities are entering the stage who are somewhere else in their minds and their emotional world which is expressed through their longing gaze into the distance. Furthermore Pisceans with Sagittarius ascendant seemingly pretend to be religious although the smack of a dogmatic attitude will often be present as well. Especially during the first half of their lives a lot of obstacles slow down the Pisces sun with Sagittarius ascendant, which is not least because of the fact that they make friends very slowly and thus there are few persons whom they can really rely on. Those Pisceans with Sagittarius rising who are less idealistic by nature take life as an endless series of receiving and sitting back which makes them very lazy and laid back leading a life as a parasite in the end. Thus, Pisceans with Sagittarius rising need a partner who will be very understanding and sensitive . People born in this constellation are very demanding in this although they can bee seen as emotional and gracious fellows. Physical love can also be utterly surprising with them for one day they are exemplary passionate and the other day they will totally ignore their partners. Thus partners may be more than confused by such behavior which puts even more weight on them being a companion with very fine antennae who knows how to interpret the signals of their beloved correctly.