Pisces Sun Gemini Rising | Pisces Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Pisces Ascendant Gemini: Characteristics and Appearance

People who are born with sun in Pisces, Gemini ascendant are truly committed to society as they only feel comfortable surrounded by people and this is also where they are able to rely on their inner strength. Pisces people with Gemini rising quickly make new friends and acquaintances as they are open and friendly in their approach to others. Deep inside, however, the Pisces sun with Gemini ascendant feels often torn and has difficulties in making decisions. Suffering from self-criticism, they constantly question their own actions. This is due to mind and emotions colliding in this combination and therefore, no one ever knows, who is going to win the race. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Agility as silver weapon

Pisceans with Gemini ascendant feel best surrounded by a lot of friends and acquaintances. This can be traced back partly to the Pisces' man or woman ability to adapt to almost every surrounding and their talent to come close to people. This is exactly why people with sun in Pisces, Gemini ascendant win hands down in making new friends and contacts. Their mental and physical agility thus provides the silver bullet for the Pisces sun with Gemini ascendant which is of use in daily life as well. People who are born with sun in Pisces, Gemini ascendant have a vivid intellect, a deep emotionality and an alert mind which is a blessing and a curse at the same time as they are not sure in many situations to which counselor they should listen. Thus, feeling insecure, they often seem to be rather undecided and clueless to others.

No daredevils

In the combination of the Pisces sun with Gemini ascendant inner conflicts are inevitable which can be traced back to the deep emotionality of the Pisces sign that collides with the Gemini rising that prefers being driven by their minds. As a result, Pisceans with Gemini rising are constantly torn by self-doubting and their mood and decisions are accordingly variable and unstable. It is hard for the Pisces sun with Gemini ascendant to concentrate on their tasks as due to their inner doubts, they always seem to be absent minded. In general, both men and women of the Gemini rising are very sociable fellows, approaching their environment in relaxed manner and without distrust. The influence of the Pisces sun, however, weakens this dynamic in the constellation of the Pisces sun with Gemini ascendant so that the people with this astrological constellation are more reserved in comparison with other Geminis. It proves to be a hardship for the Pisces sun with Gemini rising to approach the tasks that lie ahead with decisiveness and energy as they strongly feel the influence of the hesitating Pisces sun. As a consequence, they rather sit and wait a while and then another while, assuming that they will eventually know if there is need to act or not. The Pisces influence, however, truly has its positive aspects as well. Thus, people who are born in this constellation of signs will be no daredevils in a relationship but caring and loving mates. A lot of tact, deep emotionality and a large amount of fantasy in issues of romance are properties of this people. Quite often the Pisces people with Gemini ascendant receive assistance from their instinct when they have important decisions to make and want to do the right thing.