Pisces Sun Pisces Rising | Pisces Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Pisces Ascendant Pisces: Characteristics and Appearance

Pisceans are diehard romantics who constantly look for the perfect soul mate. It may happen therefore that they subdue their own personality in favor of their partner. People born in Pisces with Pisces rising are well known for their willingness to help - often to the point of self-abandonment thus being hold in high regard by their environment. Pisces people with Pisces rising extremely respond to negative moods and are quickly to be destabilized psychologically. However it's no big surprise that they seem to be often not up to meet challenges, thus risking a collapse. Therefore, they essentially need a strong partner at their site. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Looking for a soul mate

A Pisces with Pisces ascendant feels most comfortably surrounded by friends and loved ones. They need a place where they encounter love and security, because these are the things they long for.
As a result, people born in Pisces with Pisces ascendant are hopeless romantics who dedicate their lifetime to seek a soul mate. People with sun in Pisces, Pisces rising strongly desire a shoulder to lean on for they urgently need this to survive the impact of reality. People in this sign therefore call for a partner who is able to give a lot of love, emotion and affection. It is most important to people born in Pisces with Pisces ascendant that they are understood since they want to be assured that they won't be alone, having someone who cares.

A true philanthropist

Philanthropy is the key phrase for the astrological combination of Pisces man or woman with Pisces ascendant. Unsurprisingly, the combination of Pisces with Pisces ascendant creates individuals who dedicate their lives to others, thus not rarely overriding their individual limits due to a devoted and good-natured character. It is rather obvious that Pisces people with Pisces ascendant are highly estimated by others because their environment likes and appreciates their helpfulness. Additionally, double Pisceans are very sensitive to moods and vibes. Therefore love and romanticism as well as a profound peace of mind and a quiet surrounding are most important for them. Disharmony can easily throw them of course and – in extreme situations - lose their grip and wander through life without any aim. Therefore Pisces individuals with Pisces rising can't really face reality. This is why they will avoid loud and crowded places. Pisces sun with Pisces ascendant often live in a world of their own being dreamy or seeking their salvation in spirituality. Yet, they try to hide their true characters from others because they sometimes live in fear of being hurt or rejected. This will nevertheless often be the case due to their reserved character.