Taurus Weekly Horoscope | Free Horoscope for Next Week

Taurus Weekly Horoscope: Free Horoscope for next Week

The zodiac sign Taurus: Food and gusto

The next week´s horoscope shows that the Taurus is thoroughgoing a connoisseur and, above all, food is both - pleasure and sensuality for him. The Taurus loves to cook and also likes to invite guests, to whom he then conjures up a delicious menu. He selects his ingredients very thoroughly and he also focuses very much on quality and freshness. First and foremost, the Taurus is someone who likes a hearty cuisine. Grill parties in the summer are a joy to him and for planning the horoscope for next week is always questioned free of charge. This is where the Taurus is down to earth and despite the fact that he cannot resist culinary delights, he still prefers the familiar.

People with the zodiac sign Taurus seek stability and long-term security in their lives. They work hard and purposefully to create their own kingdom for themselves, where they can settle in peace and quiet. But a Taurus is also very comfortable and will only move if it is worth the effort later on. For the Taurus, a regular look at the free horoscope for next week is also part of it, in order to get even more security for his decisions. People who were born under the sign of the zodiac Taurus are considered to be very faithful and constant and for their fellow men a Taurus is always something like a resting pole and a bastion of calm. But the Taurus also knows how to enjoy his life with all his senses. Above all the Taurus can hardly resist a good meal and his weakness for sweets makes sure that he doesn't completely agree with the result on the scales.

It may be quite hefty

The Taurus is a very earthy and down-to-earth person and this should also be expressed when eating with him. Very popular with him is a little flair from Tuscany with a comfortably set table in earthy tones. This includes above all colors such as terracotta, soft green tones or brown tones. The Taurus can't do anything with small dishes and prefers large and round plates, a nice bulbous jug and similar things. Filigree things are not his thing and also what then comes on the plate, that can be hearty food. At first the Taurus takes it easy with a crunchy salad, whereas the marinade may be hearty. The Taurus is also a lover of Italian cuisine and especially of pasta. One of his favorites is always the hearty lasagna and a good Italian wine. Even if one is perhaps already quite full afterwards, the Taurus will hardly do without the dessert. Cakes with lots of chocolate or panna cotta are among his favorites here.

Pleasure and sensuality

For the Taurus, eating means pleasure and sensuality. He also loves to cook himself, and shopping alone is a lot of fun for him. He selects his ingredients for the food very carefully and attaches importance to quality and freshness. He prepares his food with a lot of love and he always comes up with extraordinary creations. As he is a connoisseur in every respect, it has to be something special and under a three-course meal he doesn't get his money's worth.