Sagittarius Sun Libra Rising | Sagittarius Ascendant Libra: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Ascendant Libra: Characteristics and Appearance

Sagittarians are extremely clever, intelligent and educated persons. Thus, it is their charming character that delights their environment and wins their hearts in a rush. Nevertheless, sometimes the Sagittarius sun with Libra rising expects too much of their environments' sympathy. Especially their open mind and their frank and forthright way creates problematic situations in the lives of the Sagittarius sun with Libra ascendant as others may feel hurt by this openness. These people indeed know, however, how to limit the damage by using their rhetorical skills. But learn more about their characteristics now.

There's harm in being open-minded

Always a welcome guest, the Sagittarius sun with Libra ascendant is known to be clever, intelligent and educated. These are the character traits they take along to get to know the world. Their environment is delighted by their charming personalities and the joy they have in life and so, all hearts are easily won. These people born as Sagittarius sun with Libra ascendant nevertheless should not risk overestimating their amazing mental skills and their nature-given intelligence. This can, actually, be quickly mistaken by their environment and consequently the Sagittarius sun will be perceived as vain and arrogant if they feel too sure about themselves. Inside their family as well as from their environment, Sagittarius sun with Libra ascendant state their opinion in an utterly frank manner. But even if some family member will respond by feeling hurt by this frank openness, Sagittarius sun with Libra ascendant will quickly use their amazing empathy and thus minimize the damage in time in most occasions.

Wise acting in public

In the constellation of the Sagittarius sun with Libra ascendant both signs profit from the popularity that is received from the astrological side. This can be traced back to Libras good manners which are united perfectly with Sagittarius' social versatility. In the combination of the Sagittarius sun with Libra ascendant two individuals are combined who manage to move elegantly through their social environment, being permanently interested in making new contacts. These people know exactly how to take center stage and thus gain popularity. Although sometimes Sagittarians with Libra rising tend to overestimate themselves they will always succeed in wining their environments' sympathies even though they can behave unsupportable vain and boastful. As the Sagittarius sun with Libra man or woman is known to be a great bluffer, these people should be taken with care. Regardless of their gender, the Sagittarius sun with Libra ascendant interprets honesty in their own manner and sometimes is inclined to imposture. The amazing self-consciousness they display is shown on the surface only and actually lacks the inner foundation which can be perceived in their constant longing for recognition and acknowledgment. The positive traits of a Sagittarius sun with Libra ascendant have their manifestation in their amazing artistic and psychological skills. These people have an exquisite taste and know how to deal with others. In a relationship they certainly expect to have erotic encounters of a special quality. Thus, their ideal mate should not only be an elegant and charming personality but these people should know how to enrich their mates' love life.