Sagittarius Sun Taurus Rising | Sagittarius Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Ascendant Taurus: Characteristics and Appearance

Success comes naturally to people born in the combination of the Sagittarius sun with Taurus rising because they put great emphasis on climbing up the career-ladder, tasks, they normally achieve easily. Furthermore, this sign knows how to enjoy life and therefore cherishes all delights to the full while they are perfectly aware that there is no such thing as a free lunch in life but only hard work leading to success. Wealth comes quite often to these individuals who love to share their wealth with others. Sagittarius people with Taurus ascendant are open-minded and amiable, character traits that encourage making new friends easily. Joy of life is central for these people who nevertheless never lose touch for reality and are deeply rooted on firm ground. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Career matters

All the good things in life are central for people born as Sagittarius sun with Taurus ascendant as these people really know how to enjoy life to the full whenever possible. They nevertheless stay realist inside and display quite pragmatic views on things. Sagittarius people with Taurus rising are quite clear about success in life being hard work and wealth not coming naturally. As a result, people born as Sagittarius sun with Taurus ascendant consequently pursue their careers, making every effort to go one step up the ladder. Most often, these people will achieve their aims which is why generally both men and women with sun in Sagittarius, Taurus rising can be regarded as quite successful. Most striking about these individuals is, however, that they make sure that other people share their prosperity. Sagittarius individuals with Taurus ascendant are generous and magnanimous persons who love to share their personal luck with their environment. This is one of the reasons why everybody seems to love the people with Sagittarius sun, Taurus rising. They are furthermore appreciated because of their open-mindedness and their charming personality that easily wins others over.

Joy of life and delight

The joyful and courageous personality of the Sagittarius man or woman is combined with Taurus' calm and material manner in the Sagittarius sun with Taurus ascendant. All joys and delights of life are therefore highlighted in this astrological combination. Both men and women nevertheless stay down-to-earth and keep an eye on the things they have already achieved in their lives. In general, Sagittarius people with Taurus ascendant show an all around delightful personality with a positive attitude to life who are very sympathetic on first glimpse and easily win people over. Wealth comes quite naturally to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius sun with Taurus ascendant as Sagittarius traits are enhanced by the economical skills of the Taurus rising. Sometimes however, the idealism of this astrological combination is subdued by this material, economic trait. In these characters who are less moral in their attitudes, dark ulterior motives can be observed that unite with hypocrisy, thus forming a calculating and seducing character. In general, relationships matter a lot for the Sagittarius sun with Taurus ascendant. A shared delight in all the good things in life is essential for their partners as well as giving complete expression to these character traits. Consequently, partners who share these likings will spend a really good time with a reliable mate at their side.