Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising | Sagittarius Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Ascendant Sagittarius: Characteristics and Appearance

As they are full of the joy of life, Sagittarians with Sagittarius ascendant only occasionally feel blue. Sagittarians with Sagittarius ascendant are always ready when they are needed thus they are absolutely reliable in every situation of life. Condition will be, however, that they make great claims for themselves and others and will never be satisfied by mediocre performance in whatever situation. Double Sagittarians support of justice for all but will expect from their environment to be showered with praise. Sagittarians with Sagittarius ascendant are full of positive character traits though they should have an eye on not being too critical towards their environment because it then happens sometimes that they overshoot the target. But learn more about their characteristics now.

Holding back too much criticism

As a cheerful soul par excellence the Sagittarius sun with Sagittarius ascendant always have a smile on their face. Wherever they go Sagittarians with Sagittarius rising infect others with their good mood. Double Sagittarians are helpful fellows who would never ever leave anybody in the rain. However, they have high expectations regarding themselves and also their environment. Only the best is good enough for them as they pay attention to the highest quality. Their self-confident and proud behavior characterizes the Sagittarius with Sagittarius ascendant but may also intimidate their environment sometimes. That is why Sagittarians man or woman with Sagittarius ascendant has to be careful in dealing with others for their self-consciousness and overly critical judgment may cast the wrong impression on their environment. If they pay heed to this, they will easily become friends with the whole world because of their amiable personality.

Climbing quickly the career ladder

Sagittarius sun with Sagittarius ascendant bring all their special character traits into this combination of zodiacs. Justice and advocating for it are important tasks in the lives of this zodiac because they love to receive respect and estimation by their surrounding. In general, Sagittarius sun with Sagittarius ascendant love life thus leaving an alert and powerful impression on others. Their disposition to have their ambitions high therefore creates some sort of contradiction towards their usual pronounced sense of community. Sagittarius people with Sagittarius ascendant need and expect praise from their environment and their demeanor towards other people is usually very magnanimous. However, sometimes they give themselves as if the knew everything worth need-to-know. Through this exaggerated self-assurance some may withdraw or react with critical voices thus opposing the double Sagittarians. Their ability to think first and then act helps a lot and they thus avoid hasty reactions. On the job they easily achieve the leading position and thus will have a perfect career. They will go great lengths to climb the career-ladder fast, going all out for this aim. They are less than enthusiastic if they are made fun of, for praise and acknowledgment are essential for these people. Therefore, the most common reaction on being ridiculed will be an excellent, quick and hard counter-attack instantly. Honesty is the keyword to the character of an Sagittarius sun with Sagittarius ascendant thus those who lie to them deliberately will never win back their confidence.